Twist and Spritz Atomiser Review

Reviewed by Angela Paull

Do you know someone who always carts around a handbag that’s bursting at the seams? Does this describe you and all those “necessities” you carry around when out and about? How about that struggle to fit everything you need on a night out into a teeny weeny evening bag? Well I may have the ideal solution to lighten the load.

The Twist and Spritz Atomiser is the perfectly compact way of taking out your favourite perfume. Just the right size to fit comfortably in your hand it can contain up to 8ml of fragrance (the equivalent of 100 sprays). This means it’s big enough to contain a decent amount of scent but small enough even for hand luggage if you’re off on holiday.

The atomiser is lightweight and made of a shiny metallic outer casing, giving it an immediate advantage over a heavy, glass perfume bottle.

It’s also self-contained. You twist it at the middle and the spray pops out at the top (so no random lids floating around that bag or zero chance of whiffy leakage!)

The real advantage though is that you can fill it with the perfume of your choice and at the amount required. If you want something for the day just pump in half a dozen squirts, otherwise you can fill the whole thing in less than a couple of minutes.

The inner compartment simply lifts out of the casing to reveal the plastic refillable tube. This has a valve at the bottom which easily fits over the nozzle on your perfume bottle. You literally pump the refill tube up and down on the bottle of your favourite scent and the perfume is transferred. If you fancy a change you just unscrew the spray top and the plastic tube can be easily washed out and refilled with a different fragrance, with absolutely no cross contamination of aromas.

I love how light, easy to use and self-contained this atomiser is.

It provides such versatility and is the sort of thing you may never necessarily think of buying yourself. An ideal gift, it would fit into the smallest of bags and looks really elegant. A really nifty item to have with you – whether that’s in a daytime handbag or evening clutch bag.

A present with the sweet smell of success.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £10-£12 (depending on colour option)

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