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Twilight Daycare Collectible Doll Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

The dolls are based on characters in the online game Twilight Daycare.  In this role play game players choose a character.  It could be a baby, toddler or carer and all characters can be customised then you can have fun experiences including feeding, playing with toys or days out to the beach or pony rides etc.

The dolls are made by Wow Wee who are renowned for designing and developing new toys. Over the years they have won many awards for their toys.

There are seven character dolls available in the Twilight Daycare collection and it is a mystery as to which one of the dolls you will receive when you make your purchase, but each doll comes with an outfit, a toy, a trading card and a scratch off card that will reveal a code to redeem in the online game which will give your online character a virtual outfit and toy.

They all look very cute and colourful.  One of the dolls is very secret and it’s picture is not even featured on the pack, just a black outline,  This is the rarest doll of the whole collection and you would be especially lucky to receive this one.

The doll I received was “Gamer Alex”. He stands 7 inches tall with joints at hip, wrist and knee and a moveable head.  He is fully posssble to encourage imaginative play.  He came with a fully removable black body suit in soft plastic.  His blue underpants were painted on.  He has solid plastic removable hair in turquoise with a flash of pink on the fringe.  He also has a set of headphones that fit over his hair and gaming controls that fit into his hand. The outfits and accessories can be mixed and matched with all the other dolls in the collection.  I was impressed at how sturdy the doll was and I’m sure it will stand up to many hours of imaginative play. I found the suit was a bit tricky to put on the first time I tried but the soft plastic became more pliable after putting it on and off a couple of times and became much easier to use.

The four year old in our family, although a little below the suggested age, enjoyed playing with the doll.  She loved removing and putting back on the clothing and accessories and it was a really good size for her to handle.  She’s a little bit young to play the online game but still liked the doll and was soon looking at the pack to see which other doll in the collection she would like.

Suitable for children five and over this would make a perfect Christmas gift for any fans of “Twilight Daycare” game.

RRP:  priced at £12.99 it would also make an excellent stocking filler.There is a small parts choking warning on the pack so the doll must not be given to any child under the age of three.

Twilight Daycare collectible babies are available from Smyths here.

Remember you can’t chose a specific character it will be a complete surprise.

Rating: 4/5

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