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TW Kempton Gin Liqueur Review


Reviewed by Helen Wyatt

I’m not usually a gin drinker, finding it far too dry for my liking. In the past I have really tried hard to like it, as it seemed that everyone was drinking fancy gins, but even with lovely sounding flavours I just couldn’t get on board with the fad! So, I was a little hesitant when I received this lovely looking bottle to review, as I thought perhaps it would be the exact same experience again, with it just tasting like gin being hidden by some other flavours!

The first thing I noticed was the colour. The gin is an absolutely gorgeously striking pink colour, and the label has pretty illustrations of strawberries on it. The label clearly says the flavour is limited edition and with a simple but striking black and white company logo for TW Kempton gin liqueurs. It comes in a nicely solid feeling glass bottle which balances nicely in the hand, with a taller thinner neck. The bottle is sealed with plastic, again bearing the company name. You tear open the top and reveal what looks like a large cork. This turned out to be plastic stopped with a flat wooden top which I think was a really nice touch, giving the bottle a slightly unique look, coupled with the beautiful colour of the spirit.

On opening the bottle you immediately get hit by the heady scent of strawberries, making you reminisce back to the summer – warm lazy days in the sun, lounging around with a bowl of cold strawberries! On pouring the gin into a glass, the colour became even more apparent – a liquid gem, swirling around in my lovely large gin glass, looking particularly enticing.

The bottle recommends that you enjoy the gin liqueur with tonic for a delicious long drink, or with lemonade. I unfortunately had neither in the house so opted for vanilla coke zero. The two mixed together were a beautiful combo, with the vanilla of the coke enhancing the strawberries and cream flavours of the liqueur perfectly. Before I tried it, I was still anticipating a let down due to my previous experiences of gin. Once I sipped it, I was totally blown away. It is absolutely nothing like traditional gin, and I had to go away and find out why. Gin liqueur is made from distilled gin and infused with flavourings and sweeteners such as fruit, confectionery, and sugar, meaning that its alcohol content is lower than gin and its sugar content is higher. And that explains a lot, as it’s the sweet fruity flavours that have drawn me in to love this so much! The alcohol content is 20% and the bottle size is 50cl so plenty of servings contained in it. A “normal” gin would have around 35-50% volume of alcohol.

The other flavours that TW Kempton do are rhubarb and ginger, violet, passion fruit and vanilla, and watermelon and lime. I’m now really looking forward to trying the other flavours, particularly the violet one which I’m expecting to taste like parma violets!

One of these gins would be a gorgeous mother’s day gift; it is reminiscent of summer and a beautiful drink to enjoy in the spring and upcoming summer evenings, when perhaps we can all get back together again!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99

This product can be purchased from Tesco here.

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