Transformulas Marine Miracle Creme Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

I’ve spent what feels like a lifetime trying to simplify and perfect my skin care regime. I strive for a no-effort and basic approach, with few added chemicals and something that I know will nourish my skin. So when I got the chance to try out Transformulas Marine Miracle Creme I was a very excited. Not least because their tag line is ‘Beauty without Surgery’ which is quite a bold claim when we know how much surgery can achieve. Looking more into it I discovered that the cream has been formulated using ingredients taken from the sea including algae, sea salt extracts and sea kelp. In addition it also contains vitamins C and E.

These ingredients have promising benefits such as skin hydration, rejuvenation and even reversing cell damage. Isn’t that what we all need at the end of the day, a total u-turn on all the damage our skin suffers daily! So armed with this knowledge I was even more enthusiastic about giving this miracle cream a go.

Upon arrival the product was beautifully packaged, which is in line with the premium product that this is. The box was very classy in appearance had all the key information about the product on it, which told me exactly what I was getting. The bottle itself is a really lovely green pearlescent sphere shape that is reminiscent of the sea. I really like the design of it, it has an air of luxury about it and looks good on the bathroom shelf as well. Although I’m unsure if it is recyclable which I know is important to many consumers, including myself.

Within the box there were specific instructions, which, as expected were to apply a thin layer to freshly cleansed skin morning and night. It was to be applied to the face, neck and décolletage. It’s a definite bonus that this cream is a night cream as well as a day cream. It saves on buying additional pots for different uses and tells me that the results are the same regardless of when it’s supposed to be used.

The cream itself is a lovely light cream with a smooth texture. It smells really nice going onto the skins and spreads well so that I don’t have to use too much of it for each application. It soaks in really well and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy at all once the make-up as gone on over it. I was dedicated to this regime as I looked forward to using it each time, feeling like I was using something extra special. As I’d switched from my normal moisturiser I expected a bit of a transition period; maybe with dry skin or a couple of spots but this didn’t happen. I do have sensitive skin when it comes to spots and I know quite quickly if something doesn’t agree with me or is blocking my pores. This cream is definitely approved by my skin on that front!

After 7 days of use I definitely feel like my skin has benefited from the Marine Miracle creme; it looks more nourished and feels less dry than it did. I do feel like I have less visible lines – especially around my eyes (where I most need it) and my skin feel smooth and possibly a little plumper. I cannot wait to see what the results are after a few more weeks of use! It’s so nice to get quick results and it encourages me to stick with it long-term.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who cares about how their skin looks and feels. The bottle retails at £69.00 for a 50ml bottle, other sizes are available. This is more than I would usually pay for a moisturiser but I’d say this is an investment in your skin; it’s a day as well as a night cream and is definitely cheaper than surgery with tangible results in just a week. . I’d say it’s worth it and would also make a great gift for that skincare fanatic in your life.

Rating: I give this product a 5/5 for it’s wonderful ingredients, quick results and how good it feels on my skin

RRP: £69.00

Transformulas Marine Miracle Creme can be purchased from the website here.

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