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Bakker Elkhuizen Ultraboard 950 Compact Wireless Keyboard Review


Reviewed by Jenny Bray

This item arrived in a box within a box and came with a usb charging cable, a grey carry bag and the instructions. When I opened it the first things I noticed were that it is small, slim and light. It’s smaller than the keyboard on my laptop. It has a mottled silver edging with white keys with black lettering and blue symbols and a black underneath. It is suitable for using with both Windows and macOS.

I’ve been working from home for the last 15 months due to the pandemic. My office is now my dining room table. I was able to take my office equipment home to use. However, my organisation has plans to have a hybrid approach to returning to office working with a mix of office and home working in the future. As such, this came at the perfect time as equipment will probably be expected to be returned to the office to be used there so I was likely to need to buy a laptop stand, keyboard and mouse for home use.

The keyboard is wireless and connects to your equipment via Bluetooth. It has a rechargeable battery built in to it and required charging before use, which was easy with the provided usb charging cable. Once charged, I went to the Bluetooth section of my laptop, pressed the Bluetooth button on the keyboard and waited for my laptop to recognise it. It did and connected quickly and easily (to my surprise as my work laptop is quite old!). My laptop operates on Windows.

I’ve normally just used work equipment that has been issued to me, which is generally wired, so it was nice to have a wireless keyboard that felt of good quality and well made. It is easy to use and I like how compact it is. It has non slip pads on the back so it doesn’t move around when you’re using it. It also has feet you can flip out to raise the top of the keyboard, which made the typing position more comfortable for me. Having these also added to its compactness when these are folded away. It would be a very transportable item, should I have the need in the future (not a requirement at this point, until restrictions ease more!). For now it is good to be able to easily move it in order to return to using the table for eating at, without having more wires to end up tangled up.

With it being compact and having no numeric keypad it allows for the mouse to be closer to the keyboard, meaning less arm movement between keyboard and mouse when in use, which is said to ‘reduce the load on your forearms’ which is better for posture and good positioning for continuous desk use.

Having looked up the details of this product I was informed that, ‘having dark letters on a clear background make reading easier (ISO9241) which contributes to higher productivity (Snyder, 1990)’. I’m sure my boss will be glad of that aspect. I’m not sure that I noticed a huge difference as many of my letters on my existing keyboard have partially worn off so I don’t particularly look at the actual letters on the keys when typing as you get to know where they are when you work on a computer every day. It’s quite a novelty to have full, visible letters on the keys though. My only slight negative is that it doesn’t have quiet keys, so typing is as noisy as on other keyboards I’ve used.
If you are a person who wants to know the specifications; it weighs in at just 455 grams and is 285mm x 147mm x 19mm.

I haven’t used many different keyboards recently to compare this one to but I really like this one for its compact neatness. The price seems a little steep for the product (Editor’s note – this is the reviewer’s opinion) but it feels of good quality, is easy to set up and use and is compact. With it being wireless via Bluetooth it has no annoying wires and therefore no requirement for usb port extensions for various wired extras from the laptop. I may struggle to pronounce the company name when discussing this keyboard though!

Rating: I rate it 4.5/5

RRP: £79.99 but it can currently be bought from Viking for £69.59 here

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