Fire Dragon Firelighters Review


Reviewed by C. Hill

The age old dilemma for me is what gift do you get the man in your life when they have everything!! This is an answer to that dilemma is Fire Dragon Firelighters. Fire Dragon Fuel is a company who formulated and developed a firelighter which was initially used in the Military and for adventurers. It is clear by looking at their website and credentials that they are at the top of their game. This makes a perfect gift for my husband who is an Ex Military man, adventurer and more importantly, the BBQ expert in our house.

Fire Dragon Fuel embrace the simple pleasures of bringing people together, my husband used the firelighters on our river kayaking and camping adventure. We have two small children (two and four) and I am always looking for the non toxic and eco version of products to protect them. These firelighters are non toxic and odourless, unlike the firelighters that have a very strong chemical smell, these do not have an odour.

After our river trip we arrived at our campsite via kayak, we were very hungry so wanted to start the BBQ asap. The solid firelighters were used first, they were easy to use, they light very well and they were in lovely packaging which allowed you to handle them without getting them on your hands. This point was a big tick my husband because he is used to having the strong smelling inferior firelighter smell linger on his fingers. These do not smell but the lovely packaging is an extra bonus. They also did what they were supposed to do, they lit the coals well and fast so we could eat that little bit sooner. They have a clean burn so they burn with very little soot or residue, this means it doesn’t dirty the cooking equipment. We all love a good fire in our family so we decided to have a fire pit as well, we used the gel firefighter to get the fire started. It’s quite damp where we live on the English/Welsh border so the gel worked a treat on the firewood, again there were zero harsh chemicals for me to worry about our children inhaling. One slight negative about the gel or possibly my husband is that he is used to liquid firelighter fluid so he did put a LOT of the gel on by accident. He said it was a little bit messy and he used the whole pack on one fire, I wasn’t complaining because I absolutely love a good fire.

The Fire Dragon company is British and based in Cardiff. Their fuel is made from UK sourced ethanol which can be used in Multi-fuel outdoor cooking stoves, BBQ’s as well as indoor ethanol fireplaces. It will work in all weathers, even extreme weather. We have had a BBQ in the rain on Boxing Day (who hasn’t?) so we will definitely be buying more of this fuel. It will last a long time as it has a long shelf life of five years. With the world being very aware of germs and viruses at the moment, you will be happy and possibly a little bit shocked as I was to learn that Fire Dragon is a natural disinfectant and can also be used as a waterless soap!

Fire dragon is very eco friendly, it is made from rotten vegetable matter (UK sourced ethanol) rather than wood from trees like other firelighters. So no need to cut down large portions of the rainforest. This product and company have really impressed me, I’ve learnt a little bit as well from reading their website which is always nice. Have a look at their website, they have other items from matches to cookers and cooking sets.

If like me you have a Husband who has ‘everything’, this is the perfect just because gift and definitely a must have item for your summer BBQ’s and adventures.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £2.39

For more information please see the FireDragonFuel website here.

These products can be purchased as follows:
Firedragon Fuel Gel from BCBin here.
Firedragon Fuel from BCBin here.

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