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Towel Up Clip Review


Reviewed by J Wright 

At first when I volunteered to try out the TowelUp clips I wasn’t entirely certain what they were and had to go and read up. I discovered that TowelUp is a transparent, strong, plastic or acrylic clip designed to hold your towel wrapped around your body without fear or indecent exposure at inopportune moments.

The clips arrived in the post, each in a small transparent gift bag and tied up. Immediately I thought of hotels and spa’s, the small complimentary items you might receive as a guest. I was looking forward to trying it.
The TowelUp clip was designed and marketed by H N (editor’s note – name changed to initials), a woman who had been fed up of shedding her towel without intending to. She researched and created the clip to solve the problem and launched TowelUp in 2014 with a media presence on Twitter and Facebook. The TowelUp clip has since been featured in a range of gift guides and similar as a Christmas stocking filler.

I tried it out after my shower that evening. I have a thing about lounging around wrapped in a bath towel for a few minutes and checking emails or reading, the perfect opportunity to test  the clip. On the label it explains how to use the gadget, suggesting that if needed you might need to fold your towel to ensure its thick enough for the clip to truly grasp. My towel fit as it was and took a little persuasion to push the clip in place. Once there the grip was strong and I was confident of it holding fast.

I wrapped my hair in another towel, the action of which is usually enough to loosen the one wrapped around my body but it remained in place. I lay on my bed and read for a few minutes. Sitting up is another action which might loosen a well wrapped towel but again it remained in place.

When I took it off later I half expected there to be an outline of the plastic on my skin but there was nothing. The TowelUp clip is a great idea if you need that security, maybe at the swimming pool, on holiday, the gym or at a spa.
I notice on the website there’s a corporate option and the clips can be emblazoned with a company logo. Perfect for salons or spa’s. Perhaps they’d make a handy little favour for a hen ‘do’,  or any pampering party.

I’ve used the clip a few more times since it arrived and it remains consistently reliable and I can go about with both hands free.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £3.99 for one or £6.99 for two + 73p P & P

This product can be purchased from Towelup.co.uk here, on Etsy, eBay and more…

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