Babybamba Endangered Animal Dinner Set Review


Reviewed by Karen

As a mum of 3 I am always on the lookout for baby and children’s products that will keep the kids entertained, make life easier or that are just plain fun for all of us. Being asked to review the Babybamba Endangered Animals Bamboo Dinner Set was certainly a highlight for the children this week and it was a huge hit from the minute I got it out of the box.

Babybamba is an award-winning company and have won gold in the Made for Mums Awards 2021 as well as Bronze in the Project Baby Awards 2021. Babybamba was born from owner F B (editor’s note – name changed to initials) searching for muslins for her babies and quickly realising that the best material for babies is 100% bamboo. The company is committed to making luxury products for babies and toddlers whilst still being eco-friendly.  Whilst doing a little bit of research about the company I found a short section on their website about the benefits of choosing bamboo for your child. I found it really interesting so check it out HERE if you’d like to know why it’s good for the environment. As well as dinner sets Babybamba also stock blankets, comforters, muslins, bottles/cups, reusable breast pads and dressing gown sets for mummies.

The Endangered Animals Bamboo Dinner Set has been a great addition to the children’s mealtimes. So much so that I have had to remember who used which item at which meal so they can take it in turns to use. The children loved the designs which had a panda on the bowl, whale, polar bear and elephant on the plate along with a mixture of tigers and rhinos on the cup. They are smooth to touch and feel light weight, which is brilliant for when the children are carrying their plates to and from the kitchen. They are made from 100% biodegradable bamboo fibre which makes them eco-friendly and a great alternative to plastic plates. We are trying to reduce the amount of plastic we have in our home, so this is a win win for me. The dinner sets can be used both indoors and outdoors, we tried ours out in the garden for our picnic and the kids loved it.

One of the first meals we had when the set arrived was a tomato pasta dish. As most parents to young children will know tomato dishes can sometimes be an interesting choice when it comes to cleaning. I’ve found in the past that many of our plastic plates stain easily when it comes to tomato-based foods. I had my fingers crossed that the pale brown on the bowl would still be the same colour after tea as it had been beforehand. Luckily there wasn’t a mark to be seen, no red tinge and no red lines around the bowl.

I have really enjoyed reviewing this product and with a few birthdays, christenings, and new arrivals on the horizon I will be making some purchases from Babybamba along with an extra dinner set for our house so there’s no more arguments over who’s turn it is! I’ve also already got the Rainbow Unicorn Kids Tea Set in my basket as this would be a perfect gift for my little girl’s birthday. If you are looking for an eco-friendly product which is durable, sustainable, and good for the environment I would check out the link below to get your hands on one these amazing dinner sets.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.99

This product can be purchased from the Babybamba website here.

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