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Learning Resources Artie Max Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

The end of the Summer holidays is looming. With September now upon us it feels like Christmas is right around the corner. Toy adverts are appearing and my children are already mentioning toys they would like on their Christmas wish list this year. September signals the beginning of Christmas planning for me. With two children and a tight budget like many families I like to plan, spread the cost and do plenty of research before purchasing presents to make sure I’m spending wisely.

For over 35 years now Learning Resources have been creating educational toys. My children have played with many of them both at home and within school. From fun colourful toys to learn shapes and colours to binoculars and microscopes to start an early interest in science, Learning Resources toys have helped my children’s development and education. They may now be getting older but Learning Resources still have plenty on offer to aid them.

This week we have been very fortunate to be able to test out the Learning Resources Artie Max. For anyone who has previously heard of it, this is a newer updated version based on the award winning Artie 3000. Artie Max is a drawing robot which teaches children coding. It is suitable for ages 8+. The robot arrived neatly packaged in a small cardboard box complete with robot, instructions and three markers. Coding is such an important part of children’s learning these days, however it’s relatively new to the curriculum so not something I know a lot about myself to be able to teach my sons. Artie Max teaches children five different coding languages through drawing. Starting with the more basic Blockly and moving onto Snap!, JavaScript, Python and C++. The Artie Max robot comes with three interchangeable markers and is already pre programmed with some basic codes. This meant that within minutes we were set up and ready to play which is great for my son who is often impatient. You simply need to connect your wifi enabled device securely and directly to Artie Max. The instructions were simple to follow, we soon got our laptop connected and my eldest son was immediately enthralled and seemed to know what he was doing as they have started coding lessons at school.

Once we were set up my son began coding his design and then Artie began drawing it onto a piece of paper. My sons were absolutely amazed by this and really enjoyed trying different codes to change the patterns starting with a simple square shape and moving on to a spiral. As you move up to the more complex languages you are able to create more and more complex designs.

Any toy that is fun, imaginative, creative all whilst being educational gets my approval, especially as a Christmas gift knowing it will be useful and frequently played with long into the new year. I also liked that it has a rechargeable battery that is charged through a USB wire. Much better than scrambling for batteries on Christmas morning! I can see my children will enjoy Artie Max for many years as they continue to grow their coding skills. This will be a great aid alongside their school computing lessons.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £110 (currently on sale for £88.49 at the time of putting the review online)

The Artie Max is available to purchase from the Amazon here.

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