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Tomy Aquadoodle Pro My ABC Doodle Review


Reviewd by Sarah Bryan

We are big fans of Tomy, I grew up with this well known and trusted brand and now our children have Tomy toys and they have a long standing reputation for being innovative and long lasting.

Our 6 year old has used Aquadoodle before when she was a toddler – with the stamps and the huge mat and it was brilliant fun and something completely new. The My ABC Doodle is the next step on and up from the stampers kit and is ideal for preschoolers aged 3-4 who are beginning to form their written letters and words and need some guidance in a fun easy simple way so this was really good for our 3 year old to try out. The very fact is uses a magic pen and water makes it a winner for a child…of course they have to help fill the pen up…

The My ABC Doodle consists of a mat with a waterproof back and a special absorbent yet quick drying later on the top and a pen you fill with water. The pen ingeniously screws the wrong way so it reduces the chance of a small child unscrewing it. It also confused me at first!  It comes in an eyecatching attractive box showing a happy child using the product. The image reflects exactly what the product does and how you use it.

It is a good size and lightweight and fantastic for popping in your bag as a boredom buster as it folds up quite small and compact.  Our 3 year old thoroughly enjoyed using this product and I could see an improvement in her pen grip and precision as well as her concentration levels. Our 6 year old loved trying it out too and specifically liked the free draw areas as she has mastered letter and number formation but found it fun and relaxing to use. The girls also enjoyed playing schools with this product so it can encourage role play and pretend too.

The best thing about Aquadoodle is that the water creations you make on the mat quickly dry enabling you to use it time and again. My daughter loved this as she gets upset when she can’t keep in the line or write a certain number correctly so it took the pressure off her completely as it didn’t matter. It would vanish soon enough and you can try again. The size of the mat opened up is just right for preschoolers as they can reach all of the sections easily and with its vibrant rainbow edge and three definitive areas it breaks the learning into little chunks and it is littered with shapes to copy as well as numbers and a dotted drawing section. In the time it takes to complete one area, the previous wet area has almost dried so you can take as long as you like on this toy.

Our 6 year old described it as “ really good for learning”
Our 3 year old said it was “awesome”

It would make a brilliant educational toy for a preschool age child.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

This product can be purchased from the Tomy website here.

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