TomTom Limited Edition Go Premium X Review

Reviewed by Sian Manning

What can I say but WOW, this is a premium satnav and the second you see the box you know that you have bought the best that TomTom has to offer. When I received the parcel, I didn’t have a clue what was inside as the box was so big. I was pleasantly surprised by the premium box and packaging, on the lid of the box you have the TomTom logo in the middle and in gold, in the bottom right corner you have the Go Premium X LIMITED EDITION in a white font, a nice little touch which adds to the luxury feel of the item. The satnav is in a luxury huge black box with cut outs for each component included in the box. Everything has its own space and is well protected in the individual custom slots. The box itself is very well made and the perfect place to keep your device, the instructions and any of the other bits while not in use. The box is lined with a soft velvet feeling black fabric and the individual item holes are lined with a similar cream fabric, some of these also have a cream ribbon so that you can get the items out easily once they are in situ. In the lid of the box is a little pouch, in here you will find the instruction booklet and also the screen protector and fitting instructions. The box closes with a magnet clasp and holds it down securely.

Once you open the box you will see the contents, as mentioned above the instructions are in the lid with the screen protector so in the main box in the compartments are the satnav unit itself, a travel pouch, the windscreen mount, the car adaptor and the charge cable.

The instructions are very brief but give you an overview to be able to turn on, charge, place in situ and operate the satnav for your first journey. They also give information on connecting your phone and installing updates and are in 7 languages.

The screen protector is a joy to put on (if you enjoy the endless annoyance of lining things up, making sure it’s clean and dust free and repositioning), so maybe not a joy but it is handy to have especially as it is anti-glare and will stop the screen getting scratched too. It does come with a cleaning wipe, lint free cloth and a guide of how to put it on, so it is as straight forward as it can be.

The travel pouch is well made it is a black soft pouch, soft on one side with a nice top stitched modern design on the top, the bottom is a hard shell to protect the device and cradle it nicely. There is a silver zip with the TomTom branding on and a TomTom tag inside to carry through the luxury feel and branding.

The windscreen mount is nice strong quality, the ball joint is quite stiff, but this is a good thing so that the weight of the satnav won’t pull it down once you have it in your desired position. The suction cup works well and sticks well without any hassle, which is always nice to know it isn’t going to fall down mid journey. The satnav unit connects to the cradle and is then charged from the back of the cradle so that the unit can be moved without the wire coming with it. If desired the satnav can be used or charged without the cradle as it can be connected straight into the back of the device. The car adaptor fits into the cars 9v socket and charges the satnav via USB, so if you already have a USB connection in your car you can use this instead if you want. The adaptor does have 2 USB connections in it so is handy if you have a phone or something else that you also want charging.

Then there is the charging cable itself, long enough to reach wherever you need to on the windscreen but not too long that it is going to get in your way constantly. It is a decent quality wire and doesn’t feel like it would break easily so will hopefully last the lifespan of your device.

So that about covers the box and contents, now onto the main unit itself – As this one I have is a limited edition it says just that above the screen on the silver surround and on the back it is numbered 36/250. The front, it has a fairly big 6-inch screen, with a black surround and then a silver outer casing on the front. The back is predominantly black with a silver ring around the speaker, towards the bottom of the speaker panel are the connectivity ports, one for the cradle and one to plug the lead directly in. The power button is on the top left of the back and there is an SD card slot in the bottom of the device.

When you switch it on the TomTom screen comes up followed by, GO Premium X with the loading bar at the bottom, next up the map loads, mine immediately went to central London and did take a while to work out my current location but I guess being sat in a box for a while will disorientate anything. The map shows charging points for electric vehicles locally too which is great if you have a vehicle that needs charging.

The satnav also needed a few updates which I didn’t do immediately, I found out later that this was a good thing as the updates took hours and I had to leave it to it overnight. It does however work straight out of the box without doing the updates and managed to seamlessly navigate us to the local shops, into town and back home again, even when we went the wrong way on purpose it was able to relatively quickly reroute and get us back on the correct roads. Only once was it too slow and had we not have known where we were going or looked at the screen, we would have missed the next turn as the route was on the screen but the voice instructions had not caught up.

This TomTom satnav has world maps included meaning that you can take it on holiday and not pay the extortionate hire charges, or need to use mobile data while out of the country. I have downloaded the maps for Australia (we are going over there in July) so I have been able to check the routes we will be taking, look at the roads we will be using and the distances and journey times, all without leaving my front room. The maps are easy to download and very fast – especially compared to the first update! You then choose the map you want to use and away you go.

Entering an address is easy to do and it quickly works out what you are typing to give you the rest of the address or to give you a list of points of interest. You can also scroll the map and put a pin in a location to drive to it without an address if you prefer. With the built in sim and lifetime TomTom traffic included with this satnav live traffic and roadworks are also shown on the map making it easy to see at a glance what the traffic situation is around you or your location, you can even click on the traffic and see what the situation is for example – stationary traffic for 310 yards and a delay of 3 minutes 40 seconds. This is updated in real time by millions of other drivers meaning you have the most accurate traffic reports at your fingertips. Also included is lifetime speed camera alerts – although the volume on the alert for this is loud! I have turned the volume off of these alerts now and just have the image.

Once you have entered your address and clicked to go it shows your route on a map, which you can view, you are also given a timeline on the side that shows petrol stations on the route should you need one, displays speed cameras and traffic and how far into your route these are. In this bar are also you ETA, how far your destination is and how long it will take to get there based on the current traffic conditions. Clicking on lets go will then take you to the navigation for your journey.

The map guidance itself is great, easy to follow and there is a nice amount of information on the screen about where you are, speed limits, your current speed, the next turn or instruction, time of arrival, distance to arrival and the current time. You can zoom in really close or have the map out further if you prefer. You can mid route ask it to find an alternative route, avoid a blocked road, avoid certain road types, show the step by step instructions for the journey or add a stop on the route. You can also save the trip to your routes, change the route type to a bicycle or walking for example. If you have multiple stops you can reorder them and you can also play a preview of your route, which also gives the voice instructions.

The voice guidance is good too, there are a nice selection of voices with different accents to choose from, hopefully there is something for everyone, my boys are particularly fond of the Australians! The volume also goes really loud so hopefully for anyone hard of hearing you will still be able to hear the instructions clearly.

As you are driving you can also send your location and arrival information, handy if you are stuck in traffic and want to let others know where you are, although this feature is only available with Android devices not Apple (iOS). This is all done without the need to touch your phone as it is all enabled on the satnav.

You can also use Siri or Google assistant through the satnav by saying “Hello TomTom”, connecting to your phone and then giving it your command, make a call, send a message, check the weather forecast or even check the web for the answer to a burning question that you can’t quite recall the answer to!

This also allows you to make and receive phone calls and messages hands free. Messages are read out to you and you can reply via voice command.

The whole satnav can be used via voice command “Hello TomTom” will allow you to then command it to increase the volume, set the next destination, switch to a different route or even change the screen brightness

There are other features on this satnav that you wouldn’t necessarily expect, you can record your route so you know where you have been and make the same journey again, you can report speed cameras so that others can be warned on their journeys. There are lots of options to change the appearance of the route bar, points of interest on the map, show or hide 3S building and a number of other options.

With the use of the MyDrive App you can drive to your destination and finish the rest of the journey on foot and also saves your cars location so you can always find it on the way back, handy if you can’t remember where the car park is. You can also plan a route on your phone and when you are ready, send it to the satnav to complete your journey.

This small handheld electrical device is incredible, it is streets ahead (pun intended) of the first satnav I owned and is even better than the built in car one we use. It is incredible and well worth the price tag, if you are looking for something that will help you navigate anywhere in the world, help you avoid traffic jams and provide a platform for hands free texts and calls then this is definitely the TomTom for you.

With a certain time of year coming up it would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift, it’s beautifully presented, incredibly well thought out and just shouts quality from the second you open the box. If you have a mum deserves a treat, that likes to travel or even just needs a little bit of extra help getting from A to B with a satnav that is going to stand the test of time then I would really recommend getting one of these, it is honestly the best satnav I have ever used!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £369

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