Tim Vine: Sunset Milk Idiot at the Nottingham Playhouse Review

1 March 2019


Reviewed by Margaret Mann

When we arrived, there was a problem with our tickets, but this was sorted out very quickly. Unfortunately, it meant we weren’t able to see the supporting act (John Archer) as he had already started by the time the ticket situation had been sorted and I think it is rude to go in once a performance was part way through. We could hear a lot of laughter from inside and I later asked a lady next to me said she thought he was very good.

Tim Vine came on at around 8.15. The introduction was “you’ve seen the sunset, you’ve drunk the milk, now see the idiot – Time Vine”! The packed Playhouse shouted and cheered and from the start it was non-stop laughs! He was always my favourite character in Not Going Out and it was never the same once he left the show.

Tim was wearing an unusual outfit, a bright orange T shirt, royal blue shorts (to the knee) black above the ankle socks and black shoes! He came on to the stage after the introduction wearing a hat like a swirl of whipped ice cream complete with a flake!

There were loads of obviously homemade props (boards, teddy bears attached to a hula hoop, a cereal packet (!) & various hats), plus musical interludes.

In great comedy tradition, the front row were singled out and made part of the show. The first instance was when Tim asked various members at the front their ages. The answers were given, the eldest age being 74. The song “You are the oldest in the room and we salute you” the enthusiastic audience joined in with great gusto.

There were non-stop jokes, puns and dancing throughout, Tim Vine can certainly dance and is very light on his feet. The jokes were delivered rapidly and although you laughed at the time you were hard pressed to remember them afterwards such was the fast-paced delivery.

The show was full of laughter and fun and when some of the jokes and puns didn’t get as much of a reaction from the audience as others Tim made light of it and then made a joke out of it.

There was audience participation throughout the show and everyone joined in with the singing. There was a variation on the “you are the oldest in the room” ditty, changed to the tallest, the audience joining in with just as much enthusiasm as before.

The show ended with Tim doing his pen on the ear routine. This consisted of him throwing pens for one to land on his ear. Sounds boring, but it was so funny to watch and after saying that he had never not done it before in a show managed to succeed, not before Tim had announced that we were there until he managed to do it!

Tim finished his act after being on stage for well over an hour. He was on the go throughout and the pace was hectic.

An encore followed much to the delight of the audience and we had a further 10 minutes or so of jokes, songs and puns plus another try at the pen on the ear routine – hilarious. The show finished just after 9.30.

Tim Vine obviously isn’t to everyone’s taste but we thought the show was fantastic. He made us laugh without any bad language or smutty/derogatory comments. This was a show suitable for all ages, in fact the audience ranged in age from early teens to the more mature person. There can’t be many shows that the whole family could enjoy without embarrassment, this certainly was one of them.

Nottingham Playhouse is a lovely building, not the biggest but all the better for it offering a more intimate venue. It’s about a 5 minute walk at a leisurely pace from the tram stop at The Royal Centre. We went for the pre-theatre menu at the Playhouse Bar and Kitchen, they were very efficient at getting people served in time for the performance. The food was excellent, tasty and well presented. We hadn’t booked but they managed to fit us in.

Rating: 5/5

Tim Vine is currently touring the UK with his Sunset Milk Idiot tour, for more information and tour dates visit www.timvine.com.

For other shows at the Nottingham Playhouse visit www.nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk or call the box office on 0115 941 9419.

Nottingham Playhouse, Wellington Circus, Nottingham, NG1 5AF | 0115 941 9419

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