This Is Silk SilkBebe Baby Cot Sheet Review


Reviewed by Charlotte Gatehouse

I recieved the silkbebe cot sheet from This Is Silk to review and was immediately taken aback with the luxuriousness of this product.
The presentation was flawless, it arrived wrapped in tissue tied with a grey satin ribbon, inside was a white presentation box with a sliding drawer and inside the drawer was the sheet. This would certainly get the desired response at any baby shower.
The sheet itself was fitted, I was sent in ‘rose’ which is the most beautiful dusty pink colour. The top half of the sheet is made from the 100% silk in rose and the bottom half from 100% cream coloured cotton. Sensible to have the 2 fabrics to help keep baby put instead of slip sliding on the silk.

The product boasts 22 momme silk (momme is how silk density is measured, similar to thread count, the higher the better)

Aside from being a beautiful luxe item the sheet has some added selling points which are listed on the front of the presentation box as follows-
This is anti knotty tot
This is anti baby bald spot
This is anti baby bed head
This is the smoothest, softest silk for their sensitive skin

I can most relate to baby bald spot, as my baby had a head full of hair on arrival and did indeed lose a spot on the back of her head due to friction, so it would make sense that the smoothest of silks would prevent this.

The sheets come in sizes suitable for Moses basket or sleep pod/cot size and in a variety of gorgeous colours. Ivory and Morning dew would be perfectly neutral for Mums to be who are waiting to be surprised.

Now there are some issues on the practicalities using such beautiful bedding for a newborn, for this it comes down to washing, the label advises to hand wash or machine on a delicate wash then to dry flat and not to tumble, now any sleep deprived new parent will tell you simplicity is key, ideally you want to be able to throw in the bedding with Muslin cloths, vests and anything else and put through the tumble if the weather is not good enough to line dry. So this would be an extra faff to remember.

The sleep pod/cot sheet usually retails at £35.99 but is currently on sale for £24.99 on the This Is Silk website (£22.99 for Moses basket). This is more than I would think to pay for baby bedding especially as you would need a couple to use between washes, even more if your baby suffers with reflux or even leaky nappies.
I would not necessarily buy this item for my own little one but for a baby shower gift why not be indulgent, the product oozes of quality and would no doubt be enthusiastically received by any parent to be the current discount makes it a little easier to bear.

I was prompted to visit the website, and I have to say I am tempted to invest in a pillowcase for myself given the quality and feel of the silk and all the benefits it’s offers to hair and skin but then I am less likely to spit up milk several times a night.

No doubt this is a well made beautiful product but I do query suitable for life with a newborn.

Rating: 3.5/5

RRP: £35.99 Currently on sale for £24.99

This product can be purchased from the This Is Silk website here.

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