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Sylvanian Families Hoppin’ Easter Set Review


Reviewed by Deborah Banasko

Sylvanian Families were a childhood favourite of mine and will always have a special place in my heart.  I still actually have my old houses and several families which my children play with, and we have since added to the collection as I’m just so drawn to that aisle of the toy shop.
We were delighted to be able to review the Sylvanian Families Hoppin’ Easter Set! As well as myself (a shattered 40 year old Mother of three), the “testers” are my daughter aged 9 and sons aged 6 and 2 and a half.

The box is beautiful as you’d expect with Sylvanians’; yellow, blue, spring flowers and Easter eggs. The product can be seen through the clear plastic window, and on the back you have photographs of play ideas and scenes. Whilst the box is small, it is still a lot of packaging for the size of the toy.
Inside there is the beautiful snow-white baby bunny wearing a lace and pink dress finished with a cute bow. The dress can be removed should you have other characters to swop outfits with. There is also a sturdy plastic Easter basket, with a yellow faux wicker design and a huge pink and Easter egg designed ribbon on the handle.

There are three small hollow plastic eggs which split into two halves and come in three different colours; purple, blue and thirdly a pink one with bunny ears. I love that the halves can be mix and matched as they all fit together.

There are three tiny plastic treats which fit into each egg; a pink lolly pop, yellow sweet or a pink sweet. My children liked to play Easter egg hunts with their other Sylvanian characters using the eggs and treats.
Finally, my 2 year olds favourite is the cute plastic Easter Chick which can also fit into one of the eggs and hatch out.

The basket can just about fit the other toys inside, and also doubles up as a bed for the bunny with it being just the right length for her. Perhaps a little Easter themed blanket may have been a nice addition here. The basket handles move slightly, so my kids liked to rock her to sleep.
There is a lot of intricate detail to this product and it is clearly well thought out as an Easter basket and Easter egg hunt toy. It really is an adorable little gift instead of, or in addition to an Easter egg. However I would add a note of caution there, as chocolate covered hands and the bunny definitely won’t mix well; I have never tried to wash a Sylvanian figure but I can’t see it being a success.

I quite liked my daughters play idea that the bunny was left on the doorstep of the rabbit family to adopt, then they had an egg hunt in the garden which led to them finding the chick and a therefore a second adoption. I think it helps if you do have other characters at home otherwise play could be a little limited once the initial excitement is over. My daughter said that she loves it and finds it so unbelievably cute and a great addition to the set.

Sylvanian Families are a toy that you treasure; my 2 year olds dinosaur is forbidden from trying to eat them and he seems to appreciate how precious they are. They have always been priced a little higher than other similar products and I think that is generally accepted. However, looking at other Sylvanian toys at this price point I don’t feel you get quite enough for the money and would have liked to see a second baby animal included.

In terms of the recommended age for this product the box states age 3 plus and I am inclined to agree, but feel that a toy of this nature would be better appreciated and looked after from the age of 4. My 2 and a half year old did play with the rabbit and basket but I was a little nervous about him losing the smaller parts or breaking the basket handle or bunny arm. Don’t be mistaken this is not a flimsy product, but as with many toys if a 2 year old wants to break it he will.

Sylvanian toys have certainly stood the test of time and allow children to escape from a world of skinny fashion dolls and gaudy colours, and in that respect they don’t (and can’t) go out of fashion. Who wouldn’t want their children to fall in love with little animals in gorgeous outfits, living in traditional houses and a perfect little world? As an Easter gift this is perfect for any Sylvanian Families collector and will absolutely make their day, or equally for a younger child as an introduction to the range or an Easter themed room decoration. I removed half a point due to value for money, but as a toy this is really well made and what you’d expect from this brand.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £14.99

This product can be purchased from Epoch here.

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