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Thermapen Professional Review


Reviewed by Amanda Dando

Sometimes you come across a gadget and wonder why you haven’t ever used it before, enter Thermapen Professional! Essentially billed as a cooking thermometer for use whilst barbecuing we have put this item to good use in our everyday meat cooking too.

When asked to review this item I was puzzled when such a large box arrived. A beautifully presented box which contained not only the Thermapen but Angus & Oink Pitboss BBQ Smokey sauce along with Ted Mex BBQ dust and Piri Piri seasoning rub, along with some good quality tongs. The box was all colour coordinated to match my new Thermapen Proffessional which is a delightful orange, won’t be losing that amongst my other kitchen gadgets.
Not having used a food thermometer before, it’s been a revelation. Of course mine isn’t the only husband who produces burnt to a crisp offerings on our barbecue for all of our guest to bite into the sausage and discover it’s red raw inside. In this new pandemic world we are only seeing friends outside, we won’t have many left if he continued with his burnt offerings, so it’s not only me that’s thankful he now has a Thermapen!

It’s amazingly easy to use, once you open the probe it switches on, and likewise when you close, it turns off. It takes only three seconds to read the temperature of both food or liquid, which is incredibly fast. It will read the internal temperature of almost anything you are cooking, ranging from meats poultry sauces breads and so much more, as I’ve said it’s not just for the bbq (although we will never cook without its help again!); you can use on microwaved food (excellent when you have a baby in the house) oven fridge hob , anywhere really where you need to know if something is cooked or not. The Thermapen comes with a handy guide for Meat Baking and Confectionary temperatures, which is now firmly mounted in our kitchen, a fab guide to what temperatures should be when cooking. The probe is also long enough to insert into most things, including your favourite Victoria Sponge.

I especially like the facility to check whether the meat has thawed completely, just comparing the meat temperature to room temperature, nobody wants to give anyone an upset tummy. It’s important to clean after every use. I’m not really usually that excited for gadgets but can definitely say this has made a real difference.  We cooked a leg of lamb to perfection last week, knowing the meat was cooked gave confidence I’ve not had when cooking before. I have to say the instructions are comprehensive but concise, which meant I actually read them! We most definitely think the husband will take the glory going forward when he barbecues for this fab items great work. The Angus & Oink range is definitely worth investing in to, we tried the Piri Piri rub, as suggested and it produced a wonderful price of tasty succulent chicken breast, which of course we temperature tested using the Thermapen. I haven’t seen it before, but honestly the results were fab and extremely tasty from all three items, especially for use on fresh meat for the barbecue. Saved us buying preseasoned items and tasted so much better for little effort.

Rating: We as a family would give the Thermapen 5 out of 5!

RRP: £66.00

This product can be purchased from the Thermapen website here.

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