The Tyrant King DVD Review


The Tyrant King

Reviewed by Samanatha MacKenzie

The Tyrant King was a TV series from the late 60's, from what I gather it was really pioneering at the time. Set in London, three teenagers become embroiled in a mystery, then proceed to run around London finding clues and happening across sinister looking folk.

I had a variety of age groups to watch it, and it just wasn't for any of them. Odd moments would peak their interest, but on the whole my daughter summed it up as being 'too adultish' for them. Cutting edge has moved on alot since '68 and sadly my kids, like so many are used to the modern, high gloss and polish of the large children's network. It was refreshing, as a parent to see real looking people on my tv.

I wouldn't recommend it for children, unless they were really interested in the 60's or London. Grown-ups who want some nostalgia, this would be perfect for them. The images of London, with the incidental music was iconic, though for children it was a distraction. The locations around London were all fantastically chosen, you can see the influence of London Transport throughout. The fashion of the 60's look amazing, though I felt like a proper mother when I judged the length of the skirts!

On the whole I would recommend for the young at heart rather than the youth of today. 

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