The Dirty Girls Book Club by Savanna Fox Review

Reviewed by Tasmin Lees

I like the concept of this book. Four girlfriends who meet for a monthly book club decide to spice it up and move away from their normal literary fiction selections, and choose a historical erotica instead. I assume subsequent books in this series will feature the other book club members (Marielle, Kim and Lily), but this one focusses on 25 year old widow Georgia Malone; a Marketing Executive whose life is turned upside down when she meets Woody Hanrahan, a famous Canadian Hockey player who she has to work with for an ad campaign.

Georgia is extremely career driven and needs to show her boss that she has what it takes to make this assignment successful. Her professional career is on the path to greatness, but her personal life is less than thrilling. She lost her husband in a car accident 3 years ago. Since she lost her one true soul mate, her sex life has been at a stand-still. Sex without an emotional concern does not interest her in the slightest. Not that her sex life was all that exciting to begin with, she never experienced the mad rush of passion and had never had an orgasm. Sex to her was a sharing of mind, body, and soul. It was not to be enjoyed strictly for pleasure.

Her one true escape from her monotonous life is her weekly book club. When one of them suggests they all read a historical erotic book, Georgia’s mind starts to accept the idea that one can have sex just for pleasure with no attachment. There doesn’t have to be a deep bond between a woman and a man. When two people desire and burn for one another, passion can consume you and its okay to let it happen.

Woody is the captain of a NHL hockey team. He is a player not only on the ice, but in the bedroom. He agreed to the endorsement deal because his agent (who he has known since he was 14 and got him into hockey in the first place) stole all his money to support his gambling addiction. Woody now needs money since his mother is very ill and he is paying for her to be in Switzerland for medical treatment.

From the first moment Georgia and Woody meet in her company’s conference room, they have a combustible chemistry that pulls them together. She has never felt a physical reaction to a stranger before, and he is taken back by the desire he feels for her….

I will admit that the title of this one grabbed my attention, but it wasn’t as near as dirty as I thought it would be. It was however very fun to read. I enjoyed the way this had a book within a book throughout story. It was almost like reading two stories in one and it seemed to parallel Georgia’s experiences with Woody. I also liked the way that the chapters alternated as if written from either Georgia or Woody’s perspective.

Some of the story I found unbelievable. Like the fact that despite Georgia’s morals, she has sex with Woody within 5 minutes of meeting him on the conference room table. And he succeeds in giving her 2 orgasms.

The sex scenes are quite steamy in parts, but were over far too quickly for me. The book concentrates more on the emotional side of the relationship rather than the erotic parts that the books title suggests it will contain.

Overall this is a fun, light read that will put a smile on your face. I look forward to reading the next in the series.

Rating: 4/5

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