The Borrowers Review


The Borrowers

Reviewed by David Savage

This BBC One adaption of Mary Norton’s classic tale The Borrower’s is a funny, warm, action drama for the whole family. Starring Christopher Eccleston, Stephen Fry, Victoria Wood, Sharon Hogan, Aisling Loftus and Robert Sheehan. This was first shown on BBC One on Boxing Day and will be released on DVD 09/01/12.

The film is about the Homosapien Redactus (little people) who live under the floorboards and the attempts of Professor Mildeye to prove their existence.

The Clock family live under the floorboards in a house in London and go up the land of the “Beans” to occasionally “borrow” things. Pod (Christopher Eccelston) is the family member that takes the risks of going up and borrowing until one night while her parents are sleeping Arrielly (Aisling Loftus) goes up but gets caught by James, the young boy who lives in the house. Arrielly and James become friends but after being found out by his Nan (Victoria Wood) the Clock family are forced to leave home and find a new place to live.

Nan, with the help of the internet, finds Professor Mildeye (Stephen Fry) who she enlists the help of to find the little people. While the Clock’s are finding a new home, the meet Spiller (Robert Sheehan) who is to become their guide to a new home and this sparks a romance between him and Arrielly.

The Professor lays some traps in the sewers and manages to capture the parents. This leaves Arrielly and Spiller to mount a rescue attempt with help from James and involves some great fun toy car chases and aeroplane stunts.

I found this to be a great fun family and enjoyed in so much more the Borrowers movie starring John Goodman. It is well acted and even with Stephen Fry playing the villain works very well.

Overall: an excellent film for family viewing and will appeal to adults and children. Well worth buying on DVD to watch again.

Available to buy on DVD from 9 January 2012.

Buy from Amazon here.

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