The Body Shop Shea Body Butter Review

The Body Shop
Shea Body Butter

Reviewed by Louise Van Weezel

I am a big fan of The Body Shop as their products always do what they say on the package and more.

I was very excited to try this Shea Body Butter as I often struggle to find a moisturiser that gives my legs enough moisture, as they often get very dry.

The look of the box is nice and simple; there are not too many decorative stickers that will clash with any of your other beauty products. The box is also practical and made of hard plastic with a screw lid, which makes it perfect for travelling.

The cream itself looks very thick on the first look, but after warming it up a little in the hands it smoothes perfectly over the skin and leaves you soft and gives a little shine that lasts all day. The smell is also lovely, I am not a fan of moisturisers that have an over powering smell that takes a way the attention of your perfume, but this body butter has the perfect amount of fragrance.

Overall, this is a perfect body butter and deserves a 5/5

Buy from The Body Shop here.

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