The Story of Me and My Dad Review

Reviewed by Nia Lock

The Story of Me and My Dad from LIFE CANVAS is a journal style book to be filled in by the child with the intention of creating a lasting keepsake. It’s an attractive hardback book and is just the right size to read together. I was looking forward to receiving this book to review as I had a similar book as a small child. My own book has provided me with many hours of enjoyment over the years and I’d like this to do the same for my daughter. Inside the front cover there’s a lovely pocket which fastens safely to store things like tickets from days out, or a few letters as a memento. At the back of the book there’s a page of Dad themed stickers, some of which will be used in the book and some which will be more fun stuck elsewhere. There is a ribbon bookmark with a little cardboard bike on the end which does seem to mark the pages a little bit but is so cute I can forgive it.


Each page in the book has a different Dad themed activity for the child to fill in, some are tick box exercises, some are lists, a few call for drawings and some encourage the child to write something in their own words. There are also titled spaces for photos to be glued in. The book starts with a space for the child to write a letter to Dad about the book, I’m waiting until my child is a little bit older to fill this page in as I think it has great potential to capture the essence of her personality and she doesn’t quite grasp the concept of ‘the future’ yet.

There are some pages in the book that will be completed in one go such as the page where the child draws on Dad’s fashion failures or the page with tick boxes for things Dad dislikes. Most pages will be added to over time and each time the book is read a different page will jump out at the child depending upon their recent experiences.


We particularly enjoyed the grumpy graph page which has blank spaces to add your own Dad irritations. Another favourite was the page titled Things You’ve Taught Me, which has tick boxes and spaces for the child to add their own thing that Dad has taught them. There are a few pages which aren’t particularly relevant to us but as a whole this is a great book to draw out and record responses from your child which may never otherwise have been heard let alone recorded.

We’ve enjoyed this book as a family but I think its real joy will be in years to come when we look back at the snapshot in time we’ve created.

It’s a lovely Father’s Day present.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £9.95

Available to buy from Prezzybox here.

4 half Star

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