The Red Doodling and Colouring Book Review

Reviewed by Deborah Girling

I reviewed this book along with my 7 year old daughter who loves all things crafty.

To call this book a ‘colouring book’ is misleading and certainly does not do it justice! This is far more than a colouring book and will appeal to children who have long grown out of traditional colouring books.

Printed on high quality paper, this book is exciting, colourful, varied and imaginative with endless possibilities for drawing, doodling and colouring. There aren’t pictures to colour in as you would expect of a traditional colouring book. Instead, each page has a different theme with suggestions as how to complete each picture, for example, continue to fill the page with patterns, faces, animals and shapes etc…

The book is suitable for both boys and girls (and adults!) as the themes for the pages are, on the whole, gender neutral. It is perfect for children aged 6+ due to the intricate nature of many of the pictures and patterns. We tested various pens and found very fine felt pens or gel pens worked best. The book is great for taking on holiday or keeping in mum’s handbag as it is very compact, measuring just 14x14cm. This would be an excellent product to keep children busy while they wait for food in a restaurant, during a long journey or just as a calming activity at the end of a busy day.

My daughter was kept quiet and very busy with this book so we were both thrilled with it.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £5.99 (Available in Red and Blue).

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