The Quireboys at Preston Guild Hall Review

25 March 2018


Reviewed by Jan Mellor

On entering the ‘gig’ area I was met with raucous thrashy rock coming from the stage it was 8pm and the support act ‘The Black Aces’ were on. The long-haired Australians had a lead singer who reminded me of Ian Gillan from Deep Purple yet had the voice of both Gillan and Bon Scott (AC/DC). They were reminiscent of another Australian band Airbourne but also had a different sound of their own – that made us all want more. The ‘Lemmy-esk’ drummer made us feel nostalgic for the deceased rocker and the band’s version of ‘Nutbush city limits’ was amazing. The songs from their latest record/CD ‘Anywhere but here’ including ‘Soul-stealer’ and ‘Cut me loose’ were brilliant numbers played very well. They were an insightful choice to support ‘The Quireboys’ (and as they are doing all tour dates with them this year with the band – you will get the chance to see them as they tour throughout the UK). I overheard a punter stating – well we’re in for a good night if the main act are as good as the support. I would watch The Black Aces again that’s for sure.

As ‘The Quireboys’ came on stage, the crowd cheered ecstatically whilst the lead singer ‘Spike’ (with his trademark eye-makeup and bandana scarf), posed infamously with mike-stand in hand swaying up into the air (and getting trapped in the first song – “Too much of a good thing” as the roadie Kev helped untied the stand from the lighting) – the crowd loved it! The ‘boys’ were really ‘on form’ and each song both old ‘There she goes again’  ‘Sex city’, ‘7 o’clock’ and new – the bluesy tracks from their new CD/Album ‘White Trash Blues’ were welcomed by the ardent fans (some who told Spike were here to see them when they last played at Preston in 1989!).

The energy on stage was awesome and as only the 4th night of a countrywide tour they will surely fill arenas if they played this brilliantly for the rest of the tour. The band just kept getting better with each song as they relaxed into the intimate venue.  A punter beside me said they were a 4.5/5 but as they moved onto favourites such as ‘I don’t love you anymore’ ‘Hey you’ and ‘There she goes again’ he shouted out “They’re a 6/5!” whilst jumping for joy. I agree – these Geordie rockers who have thrilled us with their raunchy, ‘The Faces’ type blues for over 30 years have still ‘got it’- the endless passion, pure talent and unique style – ‘Spike’ looked amazing (!). They are making new records that are as good as their old hits and making us feel like teenagers once more.

A wonderful band who continue to improve like a delicious wine!

Rating: 5/5

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