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The Original Super Sand Classic Set Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

It may still be the Summer holidays but it would seem the British weather has decided it’s time for Autumn if the recent downpours of rain are anything to go by. The torrential rain and stormy winds we’ve encountered this week are not ideal for trips to the beach however we’ve still been able to have all the fun of building sandcastles this week as we’ve been playing with magic sand instead.

We were very excited to receive The Original Super Sand Classic set this week to try which is suitable for 3+ years. The sand set arrived in a small cardboard box. Inside there was a red plastic tray which the sand can be poured into to play with, a 400g bag of sand and six moulds to play with. On first looking at the set I was concerned it didn’t look much and would perhaps not occupy my two children for long causing me more clean up time than actual play time. However I poured the sand bag into the play tray and then also put that onto our large tuff tray we use for messy play so they would have more space for their creations. I was pleasantly surprised to find they quickly became immersed in their play and I managed an entire hour of catching up on household chores before they asked for help tidying up.

Unlike other magic sand sets we’ve tried which have brightly coloured sand this classic set comes with a more white/pale yellow colour sand which looks more natural. The magic sand is high quality. You are able to use it to build, mould and sculpt. My children had fun making up their own games and freestyle building. They also enjoyed using the moulds. There is a cone, a cube, two half cylinders and two hemispheres which can be put together to create a sphere shape. My son got creative using two moulds together to make a pretend ice cream cone. It would have been nice to also have some tools in the set too, perhaps a scoop, but we made do with things of our own. The magic sand works well, it stuck together and held its shape making it great for creative play. It’s also very soft and enjoyable to touch so great for sensory play too. It does brush off hands very easily but we did find it left a powdery residue on our hands so the kids were keen to wash their hands afterwards. It was quick to clean up. We put all the sand and moulds into the red play tray and then back into the cardboard box as it won’t dry out. The small amount that had spilled on the carpet easily swept up.

Overall I’m very impressed with this sand set, especially for the price. It’s not often a toy holds my son’s interest for so long. Anything that gives me a few minutes peace during the holidays gets my approval.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £16.99

This product is available to purchase from Smyths Toys here.

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