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The Girls Mean Business 2020 Planner Review

Reviewed by Sabrina Fancy

I’m always looking for new ways to organize my life.

This year, I want to be more organized and find a fancy planner that has a lot of space and can incorporate the varied jobs I undertake. I need something to keep me in order and motivate me. A tough ask!

This is where The Girl Means Business 2020 marketing planner comes along. This beautiful deep purple with gold foil detail had me seduced even before I opened up the planner and knew what was inside. With a hardback cover with a soft touch finish, it really is striking! This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for the female in your life who is always trying to better herself and is juggling several things at once.


Upon opening this, I found all coloured pages (with purple undertones). Just looking at the beautiful pages makes me want to plan! I was utterly amazed at how this really is a designed to be a life and business organizer, while being so pretty and compact at the same time. A feminine touch has been implemented! Designed by Claire Mitchell, who is a marketing coach and the founder of’ This girl means business’, Claire has brought her marketing  and coaching experience to the product and thought of  everything that I might need not only in a planner but in a life and marketing strategy!

Helpful Tools

Within there are a number of helpful sections and Marketing tools to help you plan. You do not have to be a marketing guru to achieve value from these – they are helpful for anyone.

Some of the things included are:

Marketing sections and tutorials where you can formulate your goals, targets and focus for the year. You can refer to this section regularly to keep you focussed on your goals and motivated!

Social media content plan – I find this section to be extremely helpful as it allows me to look at my strategy and plan my posts each month and my content in advance. This is especially helpful as I run multiple social media accounts on several social networks.  

Month and Week to view calendar spreads – I find the various views so helpful along with the various checklists and trackers. I also like that among all of this there are motivational messages and ‘one thing I must do this week’ section.

Target Setters: Where one can plan their targets and goals. There is also a daily-sales and cashflow section but this can be used to keep track of expenses and when things are due for payment

Topic Planner, Targets and Well-being: Great for planning and tracking monthly targets along with a gratitude log to have you focus on the positives!

While there are many sections and pages, here is an example of the interior.

Little touches make this planner special to me. For example, there is tons of room to write in and blank pages to note down your thoughts. There is a section at the back to hold business cards, various coloured ribbons within the planner that act as page holders (most planners only include one so 3 is great because as women we multi-task!). I love that it includes a section to write one thing you are grateful for (one thing every day) which is brilliant and great at refocussing your mindset when things are frustrating.

The planner is one part of This Girl Means Business network which is dedicated to helping small female businesses owners grow. Included in your planner purchase are online training and short tutorial videos to make the most of your planner and access to the Facebook group where one can connect with likeminded business owners around world where you can get advice and support. There is also a weekly ‘bum kick email’ which serves to keep you motivated and on track!

It’s important to note that this is not just a planner for women in business. I myself do not have my own business but engage in many freelance activities and this has really helped me and to focus myself in the year ahead. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to be more organized and motivated and it would make a wonderful Christmas gift!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £44.99

For more information or to buy visit thegirlsmeanbusiness.com.

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