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The Fashionable Foodies Guide To Stylish Cookware

While many of us are more than satisfied if all our plates, cups and crockery match, there are those amongst us who are looking for something, well, a little more special. Lauded for their culinary capabilities, incredible processing speeds, and famous brand names if you’re throwing a swanky dinner party, cocktail reception or Parisian afternoon tea then these are the coveted cookware products to use.

Alessi Kettles

Founded in Italy in 1921 Alessi has been the preferred kitchen, table and cookware brand for wealthy customers for many years. While original items were handcrafted in silver or copper and sold only locally, the company soon expanded. First exploding onto the national scene then making a name for itself in the international marketplace. Since the early nineties Alessi have been known for producing ‘designer’ products and work in close collaboration with several names including Philippe Starck. An Alessi Kettle is a thing of beauty, they’re not just functional, elegant and modern but their whistling ‘bluebird’ kettles have become truly iconic products.

Tefal Pans

This French based cookware company gets its name from combining Teflon and aluminium, two of the materials it makes its award-winning pans from. Tefal pans don’t just look good, they also come in a range of bespoke sizes, shapes, and colours but their real claim to fame is the sets of entirely non-stick cookware. Cooking with Tefal pans means you don’t have to spray the pan base with any oil, or butter and cooked food such as pancakes, omelettes, and waffles just slide straight onto your plate. Cleaning them is also very easy as you just soak them in your Compact Kitchen Sinks for smaller kitchens. Tefal is also known for producing a range of innovative health conscious products, as well as marketing ‘all in one’ space saving utensils like the Tefal Cuisine Companion that’s designed for multipurpose use.

Le Creuset Dishes

There’s only one name that springs to mind when you think of modern, functional cookware and that’s Le Creuset. Famed for their beautiful, iconic French designs, hardy appearance and ability to withstand piping hot temperatures, if you were looking to impress the neighbours, family or friends, then you’d serve the main course in a Le Creuset casserole dish. They’ve commanded our attention since 1925, with their range of bold, colourful cast iron pieces and painted patterns. Luckily, Le Creuset shows no sign of slowing down while fans are more than happy to part with large sums of cash to get their hands on discontinued shades.

Vitamix Blenders

They’re a firm favourite amongst Michelin starred, and celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, and even the one and only Wolfgang Puck. Why do you ask? The simple answer is that the Vitamix Blender is classed as one of the best food blenders on the market today. It’s fondly referred to as the ‘Ferrari’ of blenders, and it’s easy to spend over $400 if you’re after the latest model. The Ohio-based company is seen as one of the world’s leading authorities on high performance blending technology while their products can be used in countless recipes including purees, sauces, and smoothies.

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