The Collective Expresso Martini Limited Edition Yoghurt Review

Expresso Martini

Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

As a family we eat a lot of yoghurts and I am a huge fan of The Collectives range. Thick and creamy with loads of taste and lots of variants it’s my go to in the chiller cabinet. I was very happy then to be sent vouchers to try their new Expresso Martini yoghurt. Part of the limited edition Happy Hour collection, where their first successful launch was Pina Colada, Expresso Martini is another scrumptious yoghurt with a dash of alcohol so I couldn’t wait to taste it.

Being from the special edition range it wasn’t available in my local store, so I had to wait until I did my weekly shop before I could pick a tub up. It was readily available in the two large supermarkets nearby and I was pleased to find It comes in a large 450g tub suitable for several servings.

Due to the alcohol I felt it was more of an evening desert then a lunchtime snack so we saved it for after our evening meal and both me and my husband had a portion to try. Wow, you can definitely taste all the distinct flavours in this yoghurt, it was like a tiramisu on your tongue. At the bottom is the standard creamy Collective yoghurt that I know and love but layered on top is a strong mix of Colombian coffee beans and a dash of vodka and rum. Mix it together or each the layers separately, the choice is yours. The Expresso Martini yoghurt really feels like a decadent choice of desert all for a very reasonable price of around £1.50 per tub. Since opening the tub’s, we have tried the yoghurt with both vanilla ice cream and with a sponge cake base as a more substantial desert and I’m sure there are plenty more options you could try. It is safe to say though that if you don’t like the taste of coffee you will not enjoy this. Good news for those people is that there are more exciting Happy Hour flavours in the pipeline, so I am sure there will be one you will love coming soon.

Like the whole of The Collective yoghurt range, the Expresso Martini variant is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. It is suitable for vegetarians, is gluten free and “packed” with live cultures. Importantly for me The Collective also uses British milk therefore less air miles, an important factor in climate change. The lid and tub is also completely recyclable, it’s only the small piece of film under the lid that needs to go in the bin so it eases my conscience about landfill.

The Happy Hour range from The Collective is a brilliant idea, more than just a yoghurt, it’s a strong desert in its own right, complete with a small dash of alcohol to ease you into the evening. If you are cutting down on alcohol but still enjoy the taste stock up with the different limited collection variants as they come out. We really enjoyed the Expresso Martini variant, thick and creamy, tasting of coffee, vodka and rum what’s not to like!

Rating: 5/5

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