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Incohearent Adult Party Game Review

Reviewed by Katy Nettleton

A fun filled Christmas gift for any adult which provides hours of fun, laughter and infuriation!

Do you ever find yourself saying “You What?” when talking to others? Well this is a game that you will repeat that phrase at least 10 times!

Incohearent is a card game with a difference, and we found a “child friendly way to play” to encourage the little ones in the family to join in (although this does require parental supervision and selection of suitable cards!!), as the little ones were asking why they couldn’t join in!

It is a unique game where the reader takes out a card, are reads it word for word, which to the reader is gobbledygook – a phrase or sentence that makes no sense, however when read out loud it is perfectly clear for the rest of your friends or family, or is it? This was a laugh-a-minute and really got us all talking together, both in the “official game” and at the start whilst reading the instructions and working out how to play the game. The instructions are simple and easily understood.

The thing we loved about this game the most, was not actually the timing and scoring but the group dynamics of trying to “figure out” what was being said. Sadly, as we were a group of 4 adults, aged 36 – 43 there was some sayings that we didn’t know, as we were too old! But that actually added to the humour of the game, and did not distract from the game but added to the infuriation of not knowing the answer!

The children were still around when we got the game out at the start of the evening, so we “vetted” some of the cards and then got 6 children, aged between 6 and 9 to read the cards out and guess what each other were saying. This was comical, both them reading the cards which did not “make sense” and then other children shouting out potential answers, with the added group dynamics of different accents made this an interesting 30 minute of entertainment. Yes, we managed to get all 6 children playing 1 game together for 30 minutes, which means the game was a hit for them also! They may not have been competing to win the game but there was a definite competitive vibe amongst them trying to be the first to say the correct saying first!

So, although this is a board game for over 18s we managed to adapt it to include all the family, and with this being in a small, strong box it makes a perfect gift for anyone who travels or wishes to take a game on their holiday/s and spend time either playing the official game, or the adapted version of just calling out cards to either fill time (whilst the Christmas dinner is being served) or whilst waiting in the car.

Some of the cards are hilarious, with rude comments, but as this is an 18+ game it adds to the humour and adds to the game’s night, for us anyway! I don’t want to spoil the surprise by the cards, but some variations are for Netflix, and the ones that are written on the box are:  e.g. ‘though wok calves aim’. Say it. It sounds like ‘the walk of shame’!

We played Incohearent on a game night with our friends, and the next morning one of the men was up early reading through the cards to see if he could guess that answer himself! I think this just shows what a brilliant game this is, which provides fun and irritation in equal measures!

There are 500 cards and 3 categories to play through, so this can be played again and again, without repeating the same cards!

Overall, I give this 5 out of 5 and recommend it as a gift for family, friends or even to buy yourself for Christmas!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

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