The Boutique Cupcake Company Father’s Day Cupcakes Review

BoutiqueCupcakeFather’s Day Cupcakes

Reviewed by Debbie Lowndes

I was so excited that my six cupcakes have arrived whilst I have been at work. It’s just a shame the post office is closed. I cannot wait to get my hands on the beauties, I just hope I am not disappointed. My first job in the morning will be to head down to the post office first thing to collect these.

This is it, I have the package of treats in my hands, now let’s head home to have a look what delicious goodies my package contains. When I arrived home most of the family were out apart from my husband and I. This is good, as this means once the package is open my husband and I can have first dibs – usual as we normally have the leftovers!

The cake box was within a silver Royal Mail postage bag. It stated that the package contained cakes and not to be harshly treated within transportation. A sticker had been place on the package to make the postman aware that the package contained cakes and was best consumed today and if view of this deliver to a neighbour. I found this amusing and thoughtful but the postman had taken no notice of this. I opened the Royal Mail bag and the cake box was wrapped with brown postage paper and attractively displayed with the company’s logo on a sticker and thick white ribbon.

As this review is for Father’s Day, I advised my husband to open the package. However, I really wanted to as I could not wait to get my hands on one. I just hoped he would share! My husband removed the packaging inside the was a strong white cake box he quickly opened this wondered what type of cake to expect.

Inside the cake box were six very cute cupcakes. My husband laughed and I think he was as eager to taste one as I was. He said ‘well then make a coffee and we will have five minutes and give one a taste test’. The cakes were displayed well in the box and were attractive. It was obvious that care had been taken to pack the cakes in order to ensure no damage occurred during transportation. The standard of the decoration was of a high level. The cake collection displayed the message ‘WE ♥ DAD’. The writing stood out as was bright (red and blue) and it had been placed on a clear and clean looking white background.


Our coffee was ready and it was the moment I had been waiting for since collecting them. Time to bite into one of the delicious cakes, and believe me I was not disappointed! The sponge cake was very moist, and the icing was just right not to sticky or sickly. The white icing topper had been secured onto the cake with a blob of butter cream icing. There was a large amount of this icing for such a small cake. I did find this a little sickly. The balance of cake versus icing was just about correct apart from maybe a bit too much of the butter icing. I could only manage one cake with my drink as two would have been a little too much. Later in the day my daughter and son also tasted one each, their verdicts were the actual sponge was delicious and moist, but they both thought the icing was too much which they felt made the cake a little too sickly. My daughter loves baking herself and icing cakes, she was impressed by the design and high standard of the decor. She was very impressed that the lettering on the cakes was very even and all accurately placed.

My husband was delighted with the cakes and thinks is a very thoughtful gift for Father’s Day. After all they say that ‘the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach!’ I am sure any father would enjoy to receive a gift of this nature one Father’s Day. Remember to choose something different this Father’s Day and get your orders into “The Boutique Cupcake Company” as Father’s Day is not that far away.

Decoration        4 out of 5
Sponge Taste    5 out of 5
Butter Cream    3 out of 5
Roll Icing            4 out of 5

Overall Rating: 4/5

RRP: £18 (box of 6 cupcakes)

Available to buy from The Boutique Cupcake Company here.

4 Star

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