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HelloCanvas Review

Reviewed by Olivia Rocco

I found the HelloCanvas website really easy to use, as a professional photographer I am not normally impressed with the ease of use and quality of product from websites. However I found HelloCanvas to be simple and easy to use from uploading pictures all the way through to checkout.

HelloCanvas promise a 4 working day turnaround. I wasn’t actually expecting this to be delivered within this time and I wouldn’t have been too fussed if it took a bit longer (given day four was a Sunday it doesn’t really count). True to form, first thing Monday morning I had an email saying that my delivery would be with me shortly via said courier, to say I was confused is an understatement, I kept thinking oh no what have a bought now… Since having a baby I think I have gone on a spending spree and honestly forget I have ordered things! When I got a knock at the door and the courier handed over the parcel I realised it was obviously the canvas which I wasn’t expecting to be delivered via a courier which made me feel like my little treasured photo had been respected, nice touch!

Eager to view my canvas, I had ordered a 16 x 24 inch canvas, I carefully unpackaged the parcel. Which was bound up very nicely in the packaging but was a little bit difficult to open without damaging the box but the canvas wasn’t damaged. I was really pleased with the outcome, the canvas was really nicely laid out. It comes with a free hanging kit so that the canvas can be wall mounted with ease and was really nice and has helped us to put it up without any problems. I asked my partner what he thought as he is an ex-framer, he thought the quality was really good.

Overall I’m really really pleased and will be using them again as I’m quite eager to try some of the other products. And with Father’s Day approaching it would make a wonderful gift.

Rating: 5/5

Canvas prices from £8 to £89 (Any size between 8x8in and 36x56in)

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