The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Bath Bombs Review

SmokyPoppyBathBombsSmoky Poppy Bath Bombs

Reviewed by Becky Speller

I am a huge fan of Body Shop products, and also think Body Shop are fantastic from an ethical ‘green’ point of view. I was looking forward to reviewing these bath bombs as they are a new product to Body Shop, and I can’t say I have really ever smelt the fragrance of poppies. In my personal opinion bath bombs in general make you feel pampered and a little spoilt.

I will start with the packaging. The bath bombs come in a black tube made of thick quality cardboard. There is a black ribbon on top which enables you to remove the lid easily. On the front is a picture of a poppy and the name of the product. Quite plan packaging but this gives it a classy sophisticated look.

I took the lid off and could smell the fragrance straight away. It is lovely very heady and quite a musky scent. It is also slightly masculine so guys could get along with using them as well. With a lot of bath bombs I feel a whole one is too much, however these are handily formed in 2 halves. This allows you to just use half without getting in a mess, and there are 3 bombs in total. Encased within them is a lot of tiny black poppy seeds.

With bath bombs I like to place them under the taps in the running bath water. It can sometimes be a little disappointing as some brands do not fizz up. These are fantastic and fizzed straight away. The poppy seeds also dispersed and the water went a lovely milky white. The smell in the bathroom was fantastic and very strong.

I can’t say that my skin felt particularly soft after the bath but it smelt lovely and lasted for a good while afterwards. I would definitely say that half the bomb was more than enough. The only thing problem I had and I have marked down for was that the poppy seeds were all over the bath and took a lot of rinsing out to get rid of. This is very annoying.

This is a really great product and would make a fantastic gift for Valentine’s Day or any other time of the year. Well done Body Shop on another brilliant good value for money product.

I would thoroughly recommend this to friends.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £12

Available to buy in-store or online from the Body Shop here

4 half Star

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