Thank You For The Music Grove Theatre Review

Thank You For The Music
Grove Theatre, Dunstable

Reviewed by Sandra McGhee

I decided just before lunch on the day of the show rather than worry and have the hassle of arranging my daughter being looked after wouldn't it be good for her to join my husband and I to this event, so I rang the theatre who I've built up a good relationship with and asked if there were any spare seats either side of my complimentary ones, there wasn't but they very kindly just moved me to the row in front which was Stalls, Row F and I purchased an additional ticket. When we arrived at the box office, my new tickets were there waiting for me. On entering the foyer there was the instant buzz and ambience of excited guests. My daughter was very excited especially once she noticed a couple of groups of girls all in fancy dress, they had really made the effort for this occasion. I was glad that I also saw quite a few girls similar age to my daughter (aged 9) also out with their families too. I love people watching and saw a good variation in generations, younger girls, with their parents and grandparents, couples young and in their 70s, groups of guys in mid-twenties and some really dressed up for the event.

Once we was guided to our seats, which were a great view of the stage you could feel the excitement of everyone waiting for the show to commence. The stage setting was very appropriate, either side of the stage were too gigantic inflatable platform boots!

The opening act was the Bee Gees and almost instantly 75% of audience was up jiving away, clapping hands etc… to the music and this continued throughout the evening. I could now just say one word to describe this show "Spectacular" as the rest of the evening quite simply was spectacular from start to finish! We could have quite easily been an audience with the real Bee Gees, they sang all the favourites including How Deep is Your Love, Islands in the Stream to name a couple. The reaction of the audience was sensational, it was such a pleasure to be part of the experience seeing old couples dancing away, singing along. Even my husband who is a very quiet and reserved guy was dancing almost the entire evening along with myself and daughter! The first half of the show literally went in a flash, we couldn't believe a whole hour had passed already! After the interval we were welcomed by ABBA who again could have been the real thing, sang brilliantly the whole time they were on stage, great at getting audience participated. They sang all the favourites you would expect, including Mama Mia (one of my daughters favourite), Dancing Queen and finished off so beautifully with Thank you for The Music. Again one word Spectacular.

It was obvious from the audience there were some true fans of the Bee Gees and ABBA, and how lovely to witness how happy they were reminiscing to the beautiful music. I would totally recommend seeing this show if it comes to my local theatre again, I would definitely go and would recommend to friends too. My only disappointment was it was over too quickly, including interval the show was 2 hours 15 minutes!

Value: just right with tickets at £22.

Rating: 5/5

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