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PBWPIXThank You Gift Box

Reviewed by Emma Lydon

I was chosen to review one of the gift boxes from the online shop Carabella Gifts. The particular box that I was sent was the Thank You Gift Box which retails at £38.00. This gift box contained the following products:

Gentle Man Peppermint Body Wash (350ml)
The Coffee Factory Daily Brew Ground Coffee (250g)
Integrated Mug and Spoon
Dark Chocolate Smoothie Bar

The gift box itself is of a good size and is of superb quality. It has a magnetic removable lid and has an elegant look and feel to it. I love recycling and reusing products and so I will definitely be able to find a use for the box, maybe to use as a gift box for a special present for someone or a classy looking storage box for the home. Enough about the box however! The products are packaged well with shredded paper to keep them all in place and is tissue wrapped inside to finish off.

The peppermint body wash is from the Paul Byrne Gentle man range and is a good sized bottle (350ml). The smell is not overpowering as some peppermint products can be and is made with essential oils designed to ‘rouse the senses’ and invigorate. This is a lovely product for the men but I have to say it has been a big hit with me and my girls too! Quality product to use as well, lathers well and a little goes a long way so it will last.

Now I’m not a coffee drinker so cannot personally review the taste or quality of the Daily Brew item, although I have been reassuringly advised by my husband that it is rich and delicious. Again, a really good size too (250g) so you are guaranteed plenty of cups! It is to be made using a cafetiere and has also won a Great Taste award in 2013 which only emphasises the quality of the products in the gift box.

The integrated mug and spoon is just lovely. Separately packaged within the gift box to keep it intact, this white china mug is inscribed with the word ‘cuppa’ and comes with a black matching stirring spoon. You’ll definitely get a good sized cuppa with this mug, and again the quality is excellent.

Saving the best for last, the dark chocolate smoothie bar!! This is billed as ‘a rich chocolate ganache centre topped with sticky chocolate caramel slathered in intense dark chocolate’. And yes people, it really is as good as it sounds. There are two individual bars within the box which are actually fairly small in size but they are so rich that you wouldn’t really want much more (well, maybe a little more…). I have a sweet tooth anyway but I did have to put my foot down with my other half that for the purposes of this review I would have to eat both bars.

On first thought I did wonder whether £38 was a tad on the expensive side for a gift box with these ingredients but after seeing and trying the products, and even the box and packaging itself, it really is good value. If you are looking for something a little special and different then you can’t go wrong with a gift box from this lovely website. There are plenty of gift boxes to choose from, with occasions ranging from Father’s Day and gift boxes for Mum, to Student Survival, Prom Night and Bridesmaid gift boxes. Prices range from £22 to £70 for the most expensive box, so there really is something to suit most budgets and each gift box can be personalised with a hand written message of up to 20 words.

Great product, great price, I have to give it a faultless 5/5 rating.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £38

Available to buy from Carabella Gifts here.


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