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Techbed Tablet Cushion Review

Reviewed by Janice Jobber

I received the Techbed Tablet Cushion from True Interior and was pleasantly surprised it is very well made of sturdy but nice to touch material.

The Techbed Tablet Cushion is a beanbag cushion (available in a variety of colours) measuring 20cm (H) by 30cm (W) with a wipe clean cover and can be washed occasionally. Due to its size it is perfect for any size tablet or e-reader and is non-slip on numerous surfaces.

My tablet and Kindle fit on it perfectly and if I am sitting on an armchair or lying in bed it gives great support, saving on aching arms and it leaves your hands free to scroll to what you are looking for. It is lightweight and can be a great portable cushion for your tablet, iPad or Kindle whilst on holidays or travelling and would be ideal for someone who is not mobile.


It is excellent quality with its triple stitched seams, high quality fabrics and the overall finish. And for £15 it is definitely worth the cost.

I would recommend it.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £15


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