Michael van Clarke 3 More Inches Pre-wash Treatment Review

3moreinches3 More Inches
Pre-wash Treatment

Reviewed by Claire Murray

This week I have had the absolute pleasure of trying Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches life extending pre-wash. As a regular user of products which help me maintain my long highlighted, blonde hair, I was excited to see whether this would make a difference. The pre-wash came in a boutique style grey box with gold writing, inside was a pump action bottle of the product which claims to “help your hair grow longer faster” and contains cashmere proteins to repair and strengthen hair to slow down the ageing process to give more manageable, vibrant looking and healthy locks.

It’s advises to apply onto dry hair, soaking it and leaving on for at least 45 minutes and up to overnight. This was a godsend to me as a new mum as it meant I could treat my hair whilst sat on my sofa instead of spending hours in the bathroom! The white and creamy product coated my hair easily and with a non-drip formula, I clipped it up and waited for the 45 minutes to pass. There was no chemical odours and the product was scent free. You have the option to buy and use the step 2 shampoo and step 3 conditioner if preferred, I followed my normal routine.

By the time I had showered, the product had dried and so would have been easy and mess-free to sleep in. The product washed out easily and after shampooing and conditioning, my hair already felt thicker and softer.

After drying, my hair was visibly sleeker with no wispy or fly-away hairs, I had to straighten for a bit extra as there was far, far more volume! Any scepticism that I may have had to whether my hair would be in any better condition has gone this week as I have used it three times now and even my hairdresser told me today that my hair feels in great condition!

The product retails at £29 and at a similar price to other products I currently use, this has had a far more profound effect and I’ll be purchasing the rest of the range and looking forwards to testing whether my hair does in fact grow the 3 inches longer in time!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £29 (500ml)

Available to buy from Michael van Clarke here.


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