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Reviewed Louise Watts

When you think about a cup of tea, what do you picture? A china cup with milk and sugar and a plate of biscuits or cake sitting alongside? Until now, this was pretty much my thoughts when thinking about tea. Today, I had the most amazing experience and as a result, will never see tea in the same light again!

My 10-year-old daughter and I visited Teatulia in Covent Garden, London today to experience something very different and very eye opening. We arrived outside this beautiful tea house strewn with wonderfully pretty flowers at around 11am today. You could not help but want to go in as the outside was absolutely captivating. On entering, we were greeted by 2 very polite members of staff who immediately made us feel very welcome. We chose where we wanted to sit and had the menu explained to us.

We started by making our choice of tea. There were several very different choices and all can be either hot or iced. My daughter wanted something fruity and cold so was recommended the Lemongrass iced tea. I in contrast wanted something hot and different, and so chose Oolong with hot water. All teas cost £3.95 per cup. The Lemongrass iced tea came in a very sizeable glass with ice and fresh lime and was caffeine free. The flavour was subtle and very refreshing without being overpowering and was the perfect long drink on a hot day. She felt it was similar to a flavoured water but with added zing.

My Oolong tea was middle ground between a black and a green tea. I am usually a traditional tea drinker with milk and sugar; however, the beautiful flavour of this tea required no additions and was delicious as it came. When it arrived, it came with an infuser and a sand timer. You placed the infuser in the water and turned over the timer. When the timer had run out, it was time to remove the infuser full of tea and taste your drink. It was presented absolutely beautifully and tasted delicious. It had a subtle flavour but still tasted very tea like. I thought it was a lovely refreshing and light hot drink for a summer day. I have no doubt that it would taste equally as lovely if ordered over ice.

To accompany our teas, we were given a selection of 3 tea infused cakes – Lemongrass and ginger, Green g&tea and Mango and Turmeric. These sell for £3.50 per cake or all 3 together for £9.50. I had certainly never tried tea infused cake before and was excited to see how they taste. I chose the Lemongrass and ginger first and it was wonderful. It had a long-lasting flavour, almost spicy and was very flavoursome without being over the top. Due to the high flavour, there was no need to have a big piece, a small piece was just fine. A perfect slice of cake to have with a traditional cup of tea.

My next choice was the Green g&tea which I didn’t share with my daughter due to the alcoholic content! This was one of the nicest cakes I have ever tasted and was very similar to Lemon drizzle cake with a gin twist. This wasn’t so much of a cake to have with a traditional tea but went very well with my daughters iced tea (I tried it).

Mango and Turmeric was my final choice. I have to say I am not a fan of mango so was initially reluctant to try it whereas my daughter is a real mango fan and could not wait to tuck in! This was the most delightfully light and fluffy sponge with a subtle mango flavour. This would be lovely alongside traditional tea or other tea.

My favourite cake without a doubt was the Green g&t and I am told by the staff that this is the most popular cake they sell. That does not surprise me, and I can see exactly why that is true!

To wash down the cake and tea, we were offered an Iced Masala Cha. This is an iced, spicy tea. It had a strong cinnamon flavour which I am not a fan of personally, but the more I drank, the more I enjoyed it. The price for this is £3.95 and it comes black, with milk or iced. I can imagine in winter that it would be lovely to have this as a hot, spicy tea.

To finish of our experience, we were offered a tea infused cocktail or mocktail. I (of course) went for a cocktail – Lemongrass Mojito. This is rum based with lemongrass tea, soda water, lime and fresh lemongrass. My daughter chose the equivalent mocktail which saw the rum replaced with apple juice. They also use a Lemongrass syrup which they make on site. My cocktail was absolutely gorgeous and I took pleasure from every mouthful! It was refreshing, light and definitely alcoholic!! A most beautiful drink for a hot day! At a price of £10.95, I thought this was quite reasonable in Central London!

My daughters Lemongrass Mojito was equally lovely and you could taste the sweetness from the apple juice. As my daughter said, why would you have an alcoholic drink when the mocktail tastes just as nice!? And at £6.95 you can save yourself £4 per drink.

The Teatulia is absolutely lovely inside and out. There are books available to read in store and you can purchase the tea of your choice in the shop. You can buy it in a pouch at £11.95 for 80g or a lovely designed tea caddy for £14.95 for the same amount of tea. Personally, I would pay the extra £3 and have the lovely looking caddy in my kitchen.

The staff in Teatulia were very polite and knowledgeable. They made us feel very special during our stay and I could see that this was the same for all the other customers that came in during our visit too. It was clear that they serve a high-quality beautiful product which is matched by the incredible customer service delivered by the staff. This is the first Teatulia shop to open in the UK and it has only been open since October last year. I would hope to see more opening in London or around the country in the near future.

I would thoroughly recommend Teatulia to anybody in London who wants to be made to feel special. If you are after something flavoursome but a little different, then this is the place for you!

Rating: 5/5

For more information visit

Teatuila, 36 Neal Street, London, WC2H 9PS | 020 7379 9444

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