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Taf Toys Easier Drive Koala Car Wheel Toy Review


Reviewed by Cath Joyce

If you have ever taken a toddler on a long car journey you know the importance of keeping them occupied. If they are having fun then it makes the journey much more bearable and pleasant for everyone in the car. Toys attached to the back of the front seats are a great way to keep a toddler occupied and we certainly couldn’t have managed without them on our family trips when my sons were toddlers.

Taf Toys recently sent me their Easier Drive Koala Car Wheel toy to review and even though my sons are now in their teens they couldn’t resist having a quick play with it! They both loved it and were very keen to show my friend’s toddler what to do with it when he came to visit! I’m not quite sure who had the most fun with it, my 18 year old or the toddler!!

The Easier Drive Koala Car Wheel toy attaches to the back of the car seat with two plastic rings, they are triangular with a small gap so you can easily clip it to your car headrest. I found they were easy to fit and even if a toddler pulled on them the toy stayed securely in place.
The toy is designed like a car, behind the steering wheel are pictures of the dials of a dashboard and rather than a windscreen there is a picture of a car, driven by a koala on a road. Above this is a baby safe round mirror.

The bright yellow steering wheel is chunky and perfect for little hands, it rotates a full 360 degrees with a nice clicking sound as it turns, there is also a red ratcheting gear lever which can be clicked too. In the middle of the steering wheel is the horn button which plays four different horn sounds, this also has a picture of a horn on it, just like a real car. These aren’t too loud and only last a couple of seconds so don’t tend to be irritating when you are driving. There are two indicator buttons, either side of the steering wheel and each button plays two different indicator sounds and flashes too. The final button is the key button which has two types of engine starting sounds. The toy does require 2x AA batteries so if you are buying this as a gift you might want to include a pack of batteries.

The toy is aimed at children 12 moths +, this is an age where they tend to have grown out of baby toys and need something with a little more stimulation. The Koala Car wheel toy is perfect for toddlers because there are no small parts and plenty of features to keep their attention. The steering wheel is chunky enough for small hands and will withstand the rough and tumble that comes with toddler play. The toy helps develop fine and gross motor skills by turning the steering wheel and gear lever and by pushing the different activity buttons. The lights and sounds also stimulate the development of the child’s senses. When buttons are pressed car sounds and lights are activated which helps a child learn about cause and effect. Another benefit of the toy is using it for role play, this is a very important way of learning and helps to develop imagination and language skills.

My friend’s son loves his new toy, he played with it all the way home and it was the first thing he wanted when he woke up the next morning. He really enjoys pretending to drive when they are in the car and like all toddlers he especially likes pressing the buttons to make a noise.

I think this is a great toy and being a back seat driver is the perfect way to keep a toddler entertained on a long journey!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

This product can be purchased from Amazon here

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