Purition vegan wholefood plant nutrition shakes Review


Reviewed by Nia Lock

I have had Purition wholefood plant nutrition shakes many times before, I usually have the vegetarian blackcurrant or strawberry but I thought I’d try something new and see how the vegan version compares. They arrived really quickly, shipping is always very prompt.

The packaging is beautiful and the pictures look appetising. The single serve sachets are easy to open, no spills or thrashing about for scissors and the 40g serving of powder blends smoothly and easily, no weird clumps because there’s no filler. Purition is also available in large bags which are a really good deal as you save 27% when you buy three bags, great value.

The vegan shakes are available in thirteen flavours, strawberry, cocoa, vanilla, beetroot, beetroot & chocolate, blackcurrant, chocolate orange, coffee & walnut, golden smoothie, hemp and three new flavours which I tried for the purpose of this review – pistachio, almond and coconut. I enjoyed all the flavours I tried, none of them have a strong taste but they all taste pleasant and natural. The texture is best described as being like a nice thick nutty milkshake. They do contain a small amount of Stevia the natural sweetener but they aren’t a sweet drink at all. They taste slightly different to the vegetarian Purition as the protein in these comes from a mixture of pea, pumpkin, sunflower and hemp, which is probably why the vegan shake is slightly green unless you add berries or beetroot.

I like to enjoy my Purition shake for breakfast, I don’t have time for eating because I have so many children but I can’t leave the house on an empty stomach. I usually blend my shake with oat milk and a banana but you can use whatever milk and fruit or veg you like. I really enjoy this breakfast even though I’m usually doing something else at the same time as enjoying it. I find that the combination of milk, banana and Purition is just as filling as a more solid breakfast would’ve been and I feel quite satisfied until lunch time. I feel happy knowing that I haven’t substituted a meal, all I’ve done is liquidised one so that I’ve got time to eat it. It’s not a meal replacement, it’s just a meal.

Purition wholefood plant nutrition isn’t fortified with vitamins and minerals as the ingredients themselves are highly nutritious, all the flavours contain plant protein, nuts, various seeds and nutritional yeast in varying quantities. They are low carb and low sugar, gluten free, high fibre and protein and have natural fats so are a well balanced meal. I enjoy them because they taste of their ingredients, nuts and seeds, rather than being overpowered by flavouring natural or otherwise. I also like having a combination of several different seeds such as flax, chia, sesame and sunflower together in one serving, importantly they are ground to ensure that they’re nutritionally available.

I’ve tried a lot of shake blends and Purition is the only one I’ve bought more than once. This is because it’s real food.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £22.95

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