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Tacocat Spelled Backwards Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

As long time fans of Exploding Kittens and it’s many expansion sets we were excited to see what else the Exploding Kitten makers had imagined up with Tacocat Spelled Backwards, especially as we’ve come across the palindrome character before on some Exploding Kittens game cards. 

Tacocat Spelled Backwards is a card game for 2 players, is suitable for ages 7+ and a game requires around 15 minutes to play. Not to worry, there is no spelling required in this game! It’s described as ‘a lil’ board game about a cat who is also a taco’. The game comes in a small compact box which also doubles as the game board when opened. Inside the box are a deck of cards, 7 tiles, a Tacocat game piece with plastic stand and an in depth full colour instruction sheet. On first browse of the extensive rules it looks a little overwhelmingly complicated. However, after a read through with my eight year old son we found that the game is actually fairly simple to learn and play and extremely enjoyable. 

The aim of the game is to get the Tacocat game piece to your own home area on the board. To do this you must take a step closer every time you win a round. Cards are dealt and players must battle numbered cards, either defending or sacrificing. You defend by playing a card of equal or higher value and then get the chance to attack. If you don’t have a high enough card you are forced to sacrifice your lowest numbered card and the other player is able to attack again. Attacking carries on until each player is left with only one card. Whoever’s card has the lowest number wins the round and gets to move the Tacocat one space towards them and covers the previous space with a tile. All the cards are then shuffled and re-dealt and the next round begins. Play continues on until one player reaches home on the board. 

We found this game so much fun. We quickly became immersed and got rather competitive. I like how there is only a small number of pieces and the box is also the board. This makes it so ideal for playing whilst travelling or taking it away on a holiday or with us when visiting family. The game is very high quality and all the pieces are strong and well made just as I’ve found with other products from Exploding Kittens. Another aspect I like is that once you have mastered the gameplay there is an extra section of the instruction leaflet that details extra strategic moves to use. Also if you are overwhelmed by the rules there is a link to an online tutorial video that instructs you on how to play. 

With Christmas soon approaching this would make the ideal stocking filler gift for any child as it is small and compact and priced at only £12. With how fantastically well made this game is I certainly feel it provides great value for money and would provide a fun gift for children for any occasion. We are intrigued to see what the Exploding Kitten team will bring us next.

Rating: 5/5 

RRP: £12

This product can be purchased from The Exploding Kittens website here.

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