Superfoods: Make Your Child a Genius
By Amitabh Pandit & Minnie Pandit

This book offers an innovative way of getting children of all ages to eat much healthy food and improve their brain power while doing so. Years of research has gone into discovering which foods affect the brain and that can increase its performance. Nearly a thousand scientific papers were studied to get a comprehensive list of these foods. And then these foods were used to make the most lip smacking recipes which children would love to eat.

Author Information: Minnie Pandit is the introducer of the living food cuisines and the designer of the recipes produced by Saidas Healing Foundation on Health Recovery and Anti-ageing programs. The author has vast experience in creating and blending the researched ingredients into delicious recipes. Currently, she writes recipes that rejuvenate, revert back the ageing effects and enhance health..
9788131911280 £10.50 B Jain Publishing Group

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