Sudio Vasa Bla Wireless Freedom Bluetooth Earphones Review


Reviewed by Priya Bransfield

These earphones are totally worth the money you spend on them. Not only are they really easy to connect to your mobile device (compatible with iPhone 7 and all Bluetooth enabled devices) but the sound quality is crystal clear.

The earphones arrived beautifully packaged. The gift box was perfectly white with a red ribbon – who wouldn’t want to receive such a pretty package?! They also came with their own leather carry-case. Not only does it fit the earphones very well but it is slim and very smart looking, so it will not look out of place in your handbag or man-bag! Smooth and stylish! The instructions on how to set the earphones up is clear and very quick.

The fit of the earphones in the ear is comfortable. The earphones came with a choice of in-ear sizes so you can always find one that fits you perfectly. The non-slip band that connects the ear pieces fits comfortably on your neck so you don’t have to worry about the wires getting caught up in your hands, your clothes, jacket etc. Even though it is worn around the back it is still easy to reach the volume controls by the ear piece.

The sound quality of these earphones is amazing and the noise-cancelling is beyond good. I have used these on the train journeys to and from work – those loud phone conversations, crying children, drunk party goers at the end of the night – could not hear anything but the music that was coming out of the earphones. And with a built in microphone, you can still receive calls on your phone!


I have used the earphones every day of the week over the last 2 weeks and the battery is still going strong! I have not had to charge it at all as yet (battery has around 8 hours of use). I find this quite impressive as many of the other Bluetooth headphones do not compare when it comes to battery-life.

As I already mentioned, the battery has a life of 8 hours when active or 10 days on standby. A quick charge takes 10 minutes and a full charge 120 minutes.

I would definitely recommend these headphones to anyone who travels a lot. Comfortable, superb quality and amazing battery life!

I give this product top marks!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £59

Available to buy in a variety of colours from Sudio here.


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