Strictly Briks The Cube Review


Reviewed by Louise Totton

My two girls (aged 6 and 8) are mad on LEGO. They spend most of their time building houses, doctors’ surgeries, vets, shops and other scenes. This means that they argue constantly about the base plates as they both want to use them. I also find that they can spend absolute age just building the walls for their little scenes. So, we were over the moon to have been sent The Cube, by Strictly Briks to try out.

The Cube is a set of six, 6.5” square LEGO base boards that attach together on all four edges. The boards are double sided – one standard LEGO sized and the other Duplo sized. The boards can clip together in a number of different configurations, from a standard cube, to a long narrow runway style, or just a bigger base plate. Our favourite configuration though was to make little rooms with them; two as a floor, two as a back and one at each side. The kids could then add any furniture or props to their rooms, as well as building a front wall with windows and doors from their LEGO bricks.

We found the base plates were fully compatible with LEGO, Duplo, Mega Bloks and a few of the other generic LEGO type bricks. The base plates are a little fiddly to put together. My eight-year-old was able to have a good go at it, but my six-year-old needed a little help. However, once they have been put together, they are solid and retain their shape well.

When configured as a cube, it also makes excellent storage for a small quantity of bricks, possibly for if you were going out visiting family and wanted to take something for the kids to do.

For £12.99, I think this is a great addition to a keen LEGO-er’s set. Ours came in a pack of blue, grey and green, but other sets are available including transparent ones and more brightly coloured ones. We have really enjoyed this product and it is significantly cheaper than the branded LEGO base boards. The only slight issue is that it is a bit tricky for younger children to use independently, but it’s not a big deal as once I have configured it, it doesn’t fall apart so input time is still minimal.

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Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £12.99

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