STOKKE Clikk Highchair Review


Reviewed by Jane

The highchair arrived promptly in a cardboard box which was well packed with crumbled paper so the actual box containing the highchair had no sign of damage. An unusual design box for a highchair – triangular shape which gave it a modern feel even before opening the box. The front of the box shows the highchair clearly with a picture and the colour of the highchair was printed at the top. Two award symbols are also present, European Product Design Award and Red Dot Winner. (I looked up these awards and this highchair was winner in 2020 of the children /toddler products of the European Product Design and best of the best 2020 Red Dot Winner for design and looking at the other winners in a very high-class field. On their website, they quote that just 1.2% of the objects entered received this award so quite an achievement).

On the back of the box, there are further details of it with pictures, plus to a label stating it has a three year warranty. It all looked straight forward, and I couldn’t wait to assemble it. I like the comment “assemble in one minute – tool free!” I set my phone timer for one minute and then started! It took a couple of minutes rather than one minute. To be fair it always takes longer the first time you assemble anything. Also, I had to check what I was doing using the clear instruction booklet which comes with it as I did not want to damage it, plus remove the plastic parts from the plastic wrapping they came in. What a beautiful highchair.

The colour I had chosen was Fjord Blue which was a lovely blue which went well with the natural pale wooden legs. There are a range of colours to choose from white, cloud grey, black natural, midnight black, sunny coral, clover green. All, but the midnight black highchair have natural coloured wooden legs whilst the midnight black has dark grey which in some kitchen/ dining rooms would fit in nicely. That is the good thing about the highchair. Just because you have a baby does not mean you have to settle for some design or colour that does not fit in with your taste and certainly this has great taste.

Every part of the highchair slots in as stated on the box with a click and it felt very sturdy when fitted together. What is great about it, is that it is easy to clean with no sharp corners where food can linger which has annoyed me with other highchairs as this can be very unhygienic, particularly the one I have at present. Most highchairs, I know go from 6 months to three years, but my grandson now aged 2, hates my old highchair as not at all like our chairs (the adults), but has a definite baby design on the seat, whilst this one is clean and contemporary in design. There is plenty of room for him to get into the chair and a very safe 5 clip safety harness to prevent him getting out on his own accord. As he is older, I removed the tray and as a result he was like us sitting at the dining table and he liked that.

I look forward to using the tray with my other grandchildren and love the idea it can go into the dishwasher; what a clever idea. It is smaller than my other highchair in terms of overall height being 82.5cm but the base of the seats of both highchairs were at the same height. It has a width of 56cm and depth of 69cm so was slightly smaller in width compared to my other highchair which is a plus. Another plus is that there are two different heights for the footrest which is a definite bonus for a toddler. What I also like about it, is that it comes apart easily so can be taken on holiday. (You can buy for extra, the holdall which is smart grey in colour that they sell for this purpose and this cost £29 which is quite good value). I also got the Stokke Clikk cushion which was in Nordic grey (there are three different designs). This is useful for when the baby is just starting to sit (around 6 months), so makes the highchair more comfortable if the baby wobbles. What I like about the cushion is that both sides can be used though one side has a coating which makes it easier to clean and made of organic cotton and no hazardous chemical were used in it’s making. I look forward to trying that out with a soon to be grandchild. This cushion cost £26 and is machine washable as is the harness on the highchair. You can guess what I have just done; I have put the other highchair in the garage to be given away! A highchair worth splashing out for. It may not be cheap, but it is not the most expensive highchair available, yet it is certainly one of the most modern, ergonomic, contemporary one available.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £149

This product can be purchased from Stoke company here

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