Spruce Up for Christmas Review

Reviewed by Mel Magnan

We are getting to that special time of year again, filled with parties and festivities for which we all want to look our best. I have been trying out some beauty products to Spruce Up for Christmas from head to toe.

Janina Ultra White Whitening Toothpaste

The Janina Ultra White Extra Strength Whitening Toothpaste comes in a 75ml and has an RRP of £11.50. It is low abrasion for everyday use. Adults use twice a day for at least three minutes each time.

It is a minty fresh taste that leaves your teeth squeaky clean and without any harm to the enamel. It effectively removes those annoying stains from coffee, tea, nicotine, red wine and lipstick for noticeably whiter teeth. You have to use for several days for any improvement and I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and have noticed a difference, so well worth a try. Having a combination of antibacterial agents and helps with plaque development. The toothpaste is fairly expensive but worth using, just hide it from the kids!

T-Zone Australian Pink Clay Mask

T-Zone Australian Pink Clay Mask (RRP: £8.95) with kakadu plum, which is native to Australia. It also contains aloe, witch hazel, rosemary and vitamins a, e and c to help tighten pores. It’s easy to apply and you leave on for around 15 minutes or so until it’s completely dry and it’s also easy to wash off with warm water. It left my face feeling nice and soft, bright and refreshed. Use it two to three times a week if needed. T-Zone make lots of different products and are all reasonably priced and certainly cheaper than some of the products on sale. T-Zone is available from most leading high street shops. I would definitely buy again.

T-Zone Black Peel Off Mask

T-Zone Black Peel Off Mask (RRP: £5.99) with charcoal and bamboo extract to unblock pores and peel away blackheads while urea and allantoin moisturise and soften your skin.

I found it best to steam my face for two or three minutes as this opens the pores or use a hot towel for three or five minutes, then pat dry and apply an even layer to the areas prone to blackheads like the nose forehead and chin. It’s great for the teenagers who are conscious of their skin even my grandson likes to use the peel off mask occasionally. After around 30 minutes or until completely dry, start to peel off, which does hurt a little bit, but no pain no gain so they say, starting from the outer edge or wash off using warm water. The cost is reasonable and can be brought from all leading shops, and it leaves your face feeling really soft and hopefully blackhead free…

Chia Seed Oil Volume and Shine Shampoo

Chia Seed Oil Volume and Shine Shampoo (RRP: £4.99) which is for fine hair.

I had never heard of this product before so was eager to try it. I love anything different and happy was to give it a go. It is a very creamy volume boosting shampoo which effectively removes dirt and impurities that weigh the hair down so once I washed my hair it helped to strengthen and gave my  hair a silky soft shine and squeaky clean hair.

The shampoo formula includes a calming blend of five essential oils including cedar wood, rosemary, lemongrass, ylang ylang and orange. It does smell lovely but not strongly of any of the 95% natural ingredients, so suitable for vegans.

Anma Toning Ginger and Black Pepper Massage Oil

Anma Toning Ginger and Black Pepper Massage Oil (RRP: £8.99). There is nothing better than having a massage, well in my books anyway. This oil leaves the skin rejuvenated, the oil contains ginger oil and warming black pepper. It smells just like the oils they use in the places that I have had massages in. To tone the body and especially the mind relaxing and distressing all in one go. They have a wide range of other products including lavender and velvet rose, rosemary and eucalyptus, so plenty to choose from. The bottles are all recyclable which is great for the environment, which is a big worldwide subject at the moment also suitable for vegans. A lovely bottle of loveliness!

Natural World Ultra Nourishing Hair Treatment

Natural World Ultra Nourishing Hair Treatment (RRP: £1.50), organic macadamia oil is a luxurious and easily absorbed leave in formula. I am a little sceptical in putting oil in my hair but after leaving it in my damp hair, then not rinsing out, just dry and style as usual, my hair felt so soft just what it needed after being in centrally heated houses. It’s not greasy and perfect for all hair types especially dry and damaged hair, oh and smells great. It’s an ideal solution for dry hair, comes in different sizes and the 25ml one I used is ideal to use to see how it works on your hair very reasonably priced and available from most leading shops.

Newtons Anti-bacterial Polishing Foot Scrub

Newtons Anti-bacterial Polishing Foot Scrub (RRP: £3.99) effectively smooths away dry and rough skin, with natural ingredients including tea tree oil, spearmint and pumice. It smells really minty and only after a few days using the product it left my feet and heels smooth once more, cooling them at the same time and leaving them smelling really nice.

Feet need pampering every now again sometimes we forget about how much our feet put up with. Having sore and cracked heels is painful and do not look nice when wearing flip flops in the summer, so using this foot polishing scrub will bring them back to being soft and manageable. When using it, massage onto damp feet then rinse and pat dry. Newtons also make a foot therapy cream, so applying this afterwards it keeps the skin feeling soft and smooth.

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