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Sportpax Football Backpack Review

Reviewed by Tammy Wildblood

We received our Sportpax Football Backpack and we’ve got to say that when you receive an item, you know nothing about it, so you are more curious about what the product is going to look like but I must say it’s very pleasing on the eye, it looks smart, its feels like it’s made from great materials and it’s more than ample in size.

The bag itself looks like a football which is a great achievement as our 19-month-old son soon found out it wasn’t when he kicked the harder part of the bag, but he still wanted to use it as a football, we now cannot get it off him as he loves it. He keeps going “WOW” so it must be a great product because there are not many items or things he goes “WOW” at and he cannot stop kicking the bag around as there is no stopping him, but no damage was caused to it even after being kicked and thrown about, so you know it’s a great product made from sturdy and hardwearing materials.

We would recommend though that the bag would be more suitable for children aged 5 or over as I find it a little big for a toddler to carry on their back, it does however fit quite easily on my back and I’m 6ft 3 and it felt really comfy, comfier then most backpacks. The straps don’t turn or get twisted which happens on most back packs and they are nicely padded. The zip is really strong and doesn’t feel like it will break like most zips do on bags. The zip holders are about 5cm long which makes it easier for you to hold and grip and also make it easier for younger children to use. We would also recommend that maybe a belt strap to be added so it is held more securely especially if you have heavier items in it.

Once you open the bag itself, you will be extremely surprised at the amount of space you have. We have used the main part of the bag to hold nappies and it will easily hold up to 15 and a pack of baby wipes and yet there is still enough room to carry more items if needed which is brilliant because it will stop us having to carry items that we would normally have to carry in a handbag or coat. We would have no qualms at all about using this bag as hand luggage if going aboard as it will easily fit everything you need to take on board a plane and is very quirky for a holiday bag. The inside of the bag is lined with a waterproof material, so this is good if carrying bottles of pop or juice cups for children so if there is a spillage, it can easily be wiped. It has a small pocket which can be secured with Velcro, this pocket would very easily hold a small mobile phone, small amount of change, and packs of tablets or if you’ve got a small toddler, it will hold paracetamol sachets. Next to the small pocket there is 4 small pencil type pockets which is useful for carrying pens in, or in our case we have used it for putting toddler combs, baby thermometer, and baby nail clippers which are easily accessible and don’t have to struggle to get to. There is also a larger pocket which would fit a purse, wallet or keys in as there is ample space and an inside zip pocket for your more valuable items like bank cards etc.

We put this bag to the test about space as we took our toddler to football training and in the bag we were able to fit his boots, water bottle, football kit, and change of clothes and our basic items like money, phones and keys and still found we had plenty of room for more items and this is why we feel as a family that this bag is a must have piece of kit for any football fan or sports fans out there. We feel that this bag isn’t just a sports bag; it’s a multi-purpose bag which can be used for many different things for both adults and children.

We would have no problem paying the RRP £27.99 as this is a great quality and an amazing item and it’s even better because all the family love it so it’s a massive thumbs up from us.

Rating: 4.5/5 (due to size being slightly too large for a small child)

RRP: £27.99

For more information or to buy visit www.sportpax.co.uk.

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