SpongeBob SquarePants The Musical At Sheffield Lyceum Review


Reviewed by Dottie Rood

Well what can I say! This musical, which is based on a series by Steph Hillenburg was written by Kyle Jarrow and conceived by Tina Landau was the ultimate in fun and entertainment.

It’s all about how SpongeBob Square Pants (played by Lewis Cornat) and his friends Sandy Cheeks (played by Chrissy Bhima) and Patrick Star (played by Irfan Damani) save Bikini Bottom from a volcanic irruption!

The opening scenes see SpongeBob Square Pants in his bed in a pineapple were he lives at the bottom of the sea (who knew!?) and as he is always very cheerful and optimistic he starts with an uplifting opening number, WOW! this was just the introduction to how the show was going to be performed (we hoped!) and we were not disappointed!
Over the next 2 hours he was joined by Plankton (played by Divina De Camp), Mr Krabs (played by Richard J Hunt), Pearl Krabs (played by Sarah Freer), The Mayor (played by Rebecca Lisewski), Mrs Puff (played by Eloise Davies), Karen (played by Hannah Lowther) and of course Squidward (played brilliantly by Tom Read Wilson). Also supporting them we saw Sam Beveridge, Eleanor Turiansky, Jeremiah Olaleye, Rhys Batten and Reece Kerridge who really need a mention for their exuberance, enthusiasm and brilliant voices (which actually applies to everyone on stage!)
As with all good stories we had some ‘fights’ ,some disagreement’s, a little bit of ‘greed’ and some name calling! (all done with a good pinch of humour) and, of course friendship, love and working together saved the day (oh and Bikini Bottom!).

This was such a feel good show that I think it would suit just about everyone. My Grandson would like to give a special mention to Squidward and his 4 legs (that he was convinced were real!) and I would like to give a mention to the costume designer as I thought they were all really good.

Everyone on stage (and in the audience) looked to really (really!) be enjoying themselves!

The Lyceum is based in:
Sheffield, 55,Nolfolk Street Sheffield City Centre S1 1DA,
it is a beautiful, medium sized theatre that was very clean, welcoming and easy to locate. The seats were comfortable with plenty of leg room. It had a variety of sweets, crisps and drinks for sale that were reasonably priced and all the staff were very efficient.

The information sent before the performance was very helpful (especially the theatre being cold due to the air conditioning!).

The show is open until 27th May 2023.
Tickets range in price from £15 to £45.50, these can be obtained via from:
Box office on: 0114 249 6000 or Sheffield Theatres web site.

Rating: I would rate this performance 5/5 (and even higher if I could!

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