Jive Talkin At Aylesbury Waterside Theatre Review


Reviewed by Amanda Dando

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre was host to the tribute act Jive Talkin this Thursday evening. Aylesbury Theatre is located centrally in the town with great surrounding parking facilities, and very closely situated to a lovely Wetherspoons if you get time for a Pre show meal.

Jive Talkin are a tribute group for the wonderful Bee Gees. I personally think the Bee Gees are one of the best groups of all times, their voices and melodies are second to none, along with some of the most iconic songs of the last 30 or so years, make them in my opinion simply the best at what they do. There are no groups for me that even come close to what the Bee Gees do or create on stage, they are superb at what they do. Jive Talkin certainly bring some of that to the stage.

It’s really nice to go and see a live band, that’s accompanied by incredible musicians, all those on the stage were brilliant tonight, but a special mention goes to the strings, what an amazing sound on the stage tonight. It started off as it meant to go on with hit after hit. I can’t go on without mentioning that on stage were two brothers and a son, Darren and Gary are brothers, Jack ‘Robin Gibb’ being Darren’s son. So much like the Bee Gees a real family connection.

Jack for me was simply outstanding. What a VOICE! He definitely nailed it for me. Close your eyes and you would think you were in the presence of the Bee Gees. The show has personality the guys do talk with the audience, which makes a difference to just singing at you, it would be lovely to know what prompted the giggles in the second half tonight!! The stage lighting adds to the overall experience and of course the guys are dressed to impress as real life Bee Gees.

All my favourite songs were in the set, everything you would expect and more, personal favourites would be More than a Woman, Jive Talkin, Too much Heaven, Words, I could go on. There was a few that I really hadn’t heard before especially Juliet.

The Bee Gees were renowned worldwide and had a very special sound, almost unique, for Jive Talkin to even try to recreate the sound of this supergroup is amazing in itself. At times I could imagine I was really there listening to the one and only Bee Gees on stage. They are certainly a group I would have wanted to experience in real life. We should appreciate bands like Jive Talkin who give us an opportunity to listen to and relive these fantastic groups. I had a great time, especially on a school night, reliving many disco hits of my childhood (yes my childhood!), we should all buy tickets and get out and support the music scene. There are some great talents amongst us, we just need to get out and enjoy them. Thank you Jive Talkin … especially for the second half disco diva outfits .. loved the look.

Rating: 4/5

Tickets cost from £23 plus Booking Fee

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