Space Penguins Cosmic Crash by L A Courtenay Review


Reviewed by Emma Legge
(well, eight year old William really!)

Space Penguins: Cosmic Crash! featuring Captain T.Krill, Rocky Waddle, Splash Gordon, Fuzz Allgrin and Dark Wader. Alert! Alert! When the penguins splash land on a watery planet, they find themselves in the tentacles of a monstrous sea creature. Can they escape with their ship in one piece or are they well and truly sunk?

What 8 year old wouldn’t want to read that?!!

The cover has a great life like illustration of a penguin complete with jet pack and is very appealing to look at. William was excited by it and went off to his room to read it straight away… a fantastic achievement for a boy who’s never read a more grown up fiction book. The text is a good size for this age reader and the pictures throughout are fun and illustrate the story well. And the novelty didn’t wear off, he’s a slow reader hence him never having finished a book before but this one has kept his interest throughout. Splash Gordon is William’s favourite character as, as the littlest penguin, he’s the cute one apparently! William’s favourite part of the story was the penguins being attacked by the Octopus, he loved the idea of the little penguins beating a gigantic octopus!

This book has fuelled William’s imagination and given him a confidence in his ability to read longer stories. I have been thrilled to see William’s interest to read alone and will happily be getting him the other books in the series.

Its a definite 5 out of 5 for this fun and exciting book!

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Little Tiger Press here.

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