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Reviewed by Mrs Sandip Stapleton

I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive and review a SnapWatch.  SnapWatch is a watch specifically designed for kids. We were sent a plain black watch to review which was right up my nearly 7 year olds street, but there are 6 different designs to choose from, the all black ‘icy black’ that we have, a black one with dragons on it, a black one with astronauts, an all purple one (my 10 year old daughter would love this), a purple one with unicorns and finally a blue one with funny sharks on it. The watches are very comfortable, and my son loves it. And to be honest, I think it’s ideal for him too. Technology wise, the watch has minimal functionality and it is internet free therefore, it is safe for kids. It’s easy for this to put on and off and the price point is really good.

In terms of the functionality, as I said there is no internet connectivity which is great in this day and age. This also means you have to manually set up the time yourself. The watch, on our case has red LEDs which can be set up in the 12 and 24 hour clock. As out little lad can’t tell the time yet we have set it up in the 12hr clock setting. As he gets older we will change it to the 24 hours format so that he can learn that format of time telling. The watch has two buttons to set up the device. Once you set up the time, you can then set up the day and year. The set up itself is very straightforward but it wasn’t as smooth as I would’ve liked. The 2 buttons are close together which mean we pressed the wrong one a couple of times so had to restart the process each time. Once the time and date is set though, you are good to go.

The watch itself is quite a sleek design which is simple, and soft for kids. The watch is made of 2 parts, the main body is a long continuous silicon strap that ends with a small hard plastic section that has the 2 control buttons but also houses the CR2032 battery. Inside the silicon section, you can’t see it but there is a metal band that acts as a snap band, very much like the kids toy. This is what makes it so easy for kids to put on, there are no fiddly bits for them to struggle with. Also, as there no metal parts to the watch, if your child is allergic to metals that are not nickle free, this is a great watch for them. Because it acts as a snap band, it will fit all sizes of children’s wrists. It actually fits on my own slim adult female wrist too!

We have had the watch just over a week and it has really helped my son with his number recognitions in a great fun wat without him realising that he is learning.  It’s a great watch and I’m interested to see what other designs the company comes up with.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.99

This product can be purchased from Snapwatch here.

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