Snack Trap Review


Snack Trap
Anti Spill Snack Cup

Reviewed by Emma Baker

This came in a pretty simple box which allowed you to see the product from the start. Each side of the box was filled with plenty of information on the product itself and other products in the range.

The snack cup I received was clear and white in colour and had a cute Giraffe on the front, so could be used for either boy or girl. It has easy to hold handles on both side and is very light to hold which is really good for the young toddlers it is aimed at. It comes accompanied with a soft edged lid that has little sections that enable you to get your hand in and out but stops the contents from falling out.

There is nothing worse than giving your little one a little snack and then finding out that they have dropped it or in my case they have tipped it out all over themselves, so this clever little product helps keep everything inside which in turn gives you a happier child as they have all their snack.

It’s a handy size and wouldn't take up much room in yours or your child's bag.

My little boy is 2 years old and found it easy to hold it with one hand and use the other to access his snacks. He has never used one of this type of snack cup before so wasn't sure how he would figure it out, but he had no problem at all. He tried to tip his snacks over himself like he normally does but because of the lid his snack stayed in the cup and his clothes stayed clean for a change.

A big thumbs up from a happy mummy.

Rating: 5/5

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