Snack at Franks Review

Dog Subscription Box

Reviewed by Lindsay Burton

When the postman knocked on the door, our little furry baby quickly went to greet him little knowing the week we had in store for her. The fairly flat but ram packed box was easy to open and each treat was packaged in a reusable air tight packet, clearly marked with what each packet contained. It contained 6 packs of biscuits and bite snacks, a chew and a stimulating toy. To give you both something to chew on, it also includes 2 Franks’ Heroes collector game cards, offers, news, tips and event guides.

The 6 packets we received were Pepperoni, Ham & Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, Deer Oh Deer, Salmon & Spuds and Saucy Salmo. We also received a toothbrush chew and a buffalo twist which is a natural mouth care and good for dogs who experience allergies to more common protein sources. All dog snacks are 100% natural, taste great and come with unique health benefits. 

The creators of Snack at Franks set out in a journey to find the most healthy, fun and interesting snacks for Frank himself but kept getting sidetracked by amazingly funny, sad and informative stories, videos and pictures from all over the internet. When they got back to looking at snacks and realised we couldn’t find what they knew Frank wanted, they decided it was time to make their own, just for Frank. Sadly, not long after starting, Frank passed away very suddenly before he got his paws on his special snacks. When that happened they decided that everything they had done for Frank should be available for all the furry ones. They thought this would the perfect homage to Frank’s memory, combining his funny, fearless nature with his seal of quality for curated snacks. Snack at Franks, curates and delivers the funniest and best stories from all over the internet while delivering the most delicious, fun and healthy snacks and surprises right through your letterbox. Every Franks Snack pack is grain free and low in fat with no artificial ingredients. The natural benefits are listed on each pack and each box carries their promise to care about your pup’s health & happiness. 

With every box you will receive two new Franks Heroes Trump cards. Each card falls into one of the following three groups:

  • Legendary: These famous pooches have inspired us and many others.
  • Rare: Tough to find in your box, these are home grown Franks pups!
  • Good: These are the goodest dogs because they belong to you! We have submitted our four legged family members details for this category as she is so good to our little family! 

Our energetic bundle of joy, Coco the Patterdale terrier, absolutely loved the content of each packet. Whenever she spotted the packs, she would immediately sit down and give her paw, ready to receive a yummy snack from her Snack at Franks box. We really enjoyed trying out all the goodies and thoroughly recommend this to all dog owners, you will not be disappointed. #forthewoof

Rating: 5/5

Subscription costs from £19.79 per month to £22.79 per month.

For more information or to take out a subscription box for your dog, visit

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